wireless projector has three categories. How to choose?


talk about wireless projectors. I’m sure you’re not familiar with them. But I want to ask you what kinds of wireless projectors there are and how to choose them. Maybe everyone is confused. If wireless projectors don’t just transmit the screen, what’s the difference? Otherwise, the wireless projector in different use environments will also be different. We roughly divide it into “home entertainment” and “commercial use”. Today I’ll explain it to you.

01. Home entertainment wireless projector

is used for video and audio entertainment. It is connected to LCD TV and projector, and then download the corresponding projection software, so as to realize the projection of film and television broadcasting, live broadcasting, games and other contents, and support the projection of third-party video software. It has a large number of films and television, rich resources and is deeply loved by young users. The price is generally between 100 yuan and 300 yuan. Iqiyi TV results are common Tencent Aurora express is cheap, but the transmission is easy to get stuck and lose frames, and the security protection performance is poor, so it is not suitable for commercial office.

02. Wireless projectors used by small studios and small enterprises

general commercial wireless projectors, about 1000 yuan, are commonly used in small conferences, small studios and small enterprise conference environments. Connecting the projector can realize the transmission of some conventional ppt, documents, copywriting and other screens. It is necessary to install the projection software steps on the PC side in advance, which has poor security and slightly cumbersome operation, However, it can also realize simple light office screen projection.

03. High end commercial, drive free, one click screen projection, encrypted transmission, security conference

is actually an advanced version of ordinary commercial wireless screen projector. For example, the bj80 wireless screen projector of Bijie Internet is a product with a very clear positioning. Its price is as high as 10000 yuan, but its performance is really amazing. It is mainly used in security conferences of large companies, famous schools, famous enterprises and governments, The main highlight is plug and play. One click projection can be realized without installing drivers, software and wires. The security performance is excellent. The transmission process is encrypted to avoid data information leakage.

bj80 only needs to connect the receiving end, connect the transmitting end to the PC host, and then press it gently to cast the screen with one key. It is free of drive, software and wiring. It can cast the screen quickly with zero delay of 5 seconds. It supports multi screen interaction, multi person cooperation, one key switching, acting as a secondary screen and other features.

for enterprises, the “high efficiency” of the wireless projector is the top priority. Bijie Internet bj80 has two powerful and killer technologies. The first is Conference cooperation, which can support multi person switching pictures, and can effectively promote the horizontal communication of the team in the face of large-scale multi person meetings. Another is that it has exclusive technology. During wireless projection, the film content can almost achieve “zero” delay and have a stable picture.


I believe you have a comprehensive understanding after reading this article. If you understand the wireless projector for home entertainment and business purposes, you won’t buy it wrong again.