TV Projection – How does Konka TV use the projection function? Installing Bijie Projection TV Version Konka TV for Easy Screen Projection

The Konka TV projection function allows users to directly project content from mobile devices such as phones and computers onto the TV screen through wireless networks, enjoying a larger viewing experience. The following is how Konka TV projects its screen:

Method 1: Use Miracast function for screen projection:

-Turn on the wireless network on the Konka TV and mobile device, and ensure that they are connected to the same network.
-Go to the settings menu of Konka TV, find the “Multimedia” or “Connection” option, and turn on the Miracast function.
-Find the “screen mirroring” or “mirroring” function on your mobile device, search for devices that can be connected, and connect to Konka TV.

Method 2: Download and install the Bijie projection TV version

Method one is to use the built-in projection protocol of Konka TV for screen projection, which can only be supported by smart TVs. If the TV at home does not have a projection function, how can we achieve screen projection? You can download and install the Bijie projection TV version, remember to download and install it on the Bijie official website.

-Install the Bijie screen projection TV version on the TV. After opening, the screen will display the projection QR code or set it to the projection code mode;
-If you are an Apple phone, directly pull down the menu to find the screen image, click on the search TV device name to connect, and once successful, you can cast the screen;
-If you are an Android phone, you need to download and install the Bijie screen casting app on your phone, and then open the scan QR code on the TV or enter the screen casting code to cast the screen.
The Bijie screen projection TV version is suitable for many domestic brands of televisions. It is more convenient, stable, and has better effects, making it very suitable for family entertainment, watching a movie or Spring Festival Gala with the whole family during the Chinese New Year.