TV Projection – How to Use the Projection Function of TCL Smart TV?

Nowadays, many people want to use wireless screen mirroring to project content from their phones and computers onto a TV for viewing. However, we often encounter various problems in the settings, and the first problem that beginners often encounter is how to turn on the Miracast function on the TV. This article will solve this problem for you:

1. Ensure WiFi connection

Firstly, we need to ensure that the phone/computer and TV are on the same WiFi, especially if your TV is plugged in with an Ethernet cable. It is recommended to unplug the cable when projecting the screen. Connect via WiFi because some TVs will default to disabling wireless networks when plugged into the network cable.

2. Turn on TV reception function

Turn on the TV, usually the TV will display its functions in the “Settings” section. Some may simply display “miracast”, while others are called “wireless projection”. At this time, if your network is already connected, we can see the connected devices on your phone/computer, select and connect them.

3. Perform screen projection

When Miracast works, it creates a WiFi hotspot for the TV, which is then connected by the phone. The TV will disconnect from the wireless network when receiving signals, and after disconnecting Miracast, the TV will automatically reconnect to the wireless network.

Some friends may ask, what if my TV itself does not support Miracast function? In this case, we generally have two methods:

1. Using a screen projection app to solve the problem

We can go to the official website of Bijie, Dangbei Market, or Sofa Butler to search and download and install “Bijie Projection TV”.

Open the Bijie projection screen TV, and after obtaining the IP address, the TV will display the current IP address obtained in the upper left corner of the APP.

We can switch to the “screen casting code mode” by using the remote control to enter the settings interface. We can use the mobile screen casting app to scan the QR code for screen casting, or directly input the screen casting code for screen casting.

2. Using Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System for Screen Projection

The Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System has a built-in Miracast receiving protocol. We only need to connect the Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System to the TV and open it to perform mobile screen mirroring.