TV Projection – Operating Steps and Precautions for Sharp TV Projection Using Miracast Protocol

Sharp TV is a very popular TV brand with high definition and excellent picture quality, which is loved by users. However, sometimes we need to project content from our phones, tablets, or laptops onto Sharp TV for a better viewing experience. In this article, I will introduce how to achieve wireless screen mirroring on Sharp TV.

Step 1: Check if the device supports Miracast

Miracast is a wireless display standard that allows you to wirelessly transfer screen content from one device to another. Before casting, you need to ensure that both your Sharp Sharp TV and your device support Miracast. Most Sharp TVs support Miracast, but you need to check if your TV model supports it. Additionally, your device needs to be running Android 4.2 or higher, or Windows 8.1 or higher to support Miracast.

Step 2: Turn on the Miracast feature of Sharp TV

If your Sharp Sharp TV supports Miracast, you need to turn on the Miracast feature on the TV. To turn on the Miracast function, press the “Menu” button on the TV remote control, then select “Network Settings”>”Miracast”>”On”.

Step 3: Turn on the Miracast feature of your device

Next, you need to turn on the Miracast feature of your device. The specific method depends on your device type and operating system. On Android devices, you can find the Miracast option in Settings>Display>Projection. On Windows devices, you can find the Miracast option in Settings>Devices>Connections.

Step 4: Connect Sharp TV

Once you have enabled the Miracast feature on both your Sharp TV and your device, you can start connecting them. On your device, open the Miracast feature and search for available devices. You should be able to see your Sharp Sharp TV in the list. Select it and wait for the connection to succeed.

Step 5: Enjoy screen mirroring

Once you successfully connect to Sharp TV, you can start enjoying screen mirroring. The content on your device screen should be wirelessly transmitted to the TV screen. You can watch videos, browse photos, or play games on TV. If you want to stop screen mirroring, simply turn off the Miracast function.

Just follow the above steps and you can wirelessly transfer your device screen content to the TV screen for a better viewing experience. If you encounter any problems, please refer to the manual of your device and TV, or contact relevant technical support.