TV screen projection – How to project a TCL TV screen? Where is TCL multi screen interaction set up?

Nowadays, mobile phones have become the terminal for leisure and entertainment, but they also have their limitations. The limitation of mobile phones is that the screen is too small. Many people choose to project the content on their phones onto the TV for a better visual experience. So, how to project TCL TV, Where is the multi screen interactive feature of TCL TV? Many people are not very familiar with it yet. What is the reason for the phenomenon of TCL TV not being able to project the screen?

How to project TCL TV screen?

Using a mobile phone to project the desired content onto a TV can enhance the visual experience, but many people are not very familiar with how to project a TCL TV. So how to project a TCL TV?

1. Through “Multi screen Interaction”: the TV application needs to come with a “Multi screen Interaction” function. Scan the QR code on your phone to download multi screen interaction, and you can push local videos, pictures, music, etc. from your phone;

2. Through “wireless interconnection”: the TV application needs to have “wireless interconnection”, and the phone supports the corresponding “wireless display” function (currently only matched with Android system phones with “wireless display”). If paired successfully, the phone screen can be displayed in real time;

3. Through video application software: It is recommended to try downloading and installing applications such as “Tencent Video. apk” on the mobile end. When playing videos in the software, use the “TV Projection” function in the upper right corner of the screen to click on the screen projection.

Where is the TCL TV screen projection function?

Many people choose to project their phones onto the TV, but due to their lack of understanding of TV functions, they do not know where the TCL TV screen projection function is located?

1. Firstly, TCL’s built-in feature called “Multi screen Interaction” can be utilized to ensure that both the phone and TV are on the same wireless LAN. In the Settings General Settings About section of the TV, click to enter and open the multi screen interaction function. On the phone, select screen projection and search for the TV, then click to access it;

2. If you cannot find this option on your TCL TV, you can open the TV’s app store to search for relevant screen casting software, such as Bijie screen casting, download and install it. At the same time, install screen mirroring software on your phone to ensure that both devices are on the same local area network WiFi. Click the TV button to screen mirroring.

Why can’t TCL TV project the screen?

Nowadays, the functions of television are very powerful, and it is no longer the traditional television of the past. Television can access the internet, play games, play videos on demand, cast screens, and so on. However, due to many people’s lack of understanding of the functions of television, TV cannot cast screens and cannot find the reason. Let’s take a look at why TCL TV cannot cast screens?

1. Some configurations in the phone are incorrect, just reconfigure it, or the phone may not be on the same LAN as the TV; Please confirm if your phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi. If your phone is using 4G and your TV is using WiFi, it would be awkward as you won’t be able to connect for a long time.

2. Even if connected to the same WiFi, some software may disable the screen mirroring function due to copyright considerations. You can try downloading the corresponding third-party screen mirroring software on your phone and then try screen mirroring again.

3. If you are casting a screen for * times and find that the screen cannot be cast, it may be because your TV is not equipped with the corresponding DLNA or AirPlay function, which also makes it impossible to achieve screen casting.

The above is about how to project TCL TV screens, Where is the TCL TV screen projection function, Why TCL TV can’t project screen related content, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!