How to realize the simplest on-board wireless screen projection? The

car screen projection and Bluetooth are not a system, that is to say, the screen projection function does not rely on Bluetooth.

Bluetooth module has low power consumption and small data transmission bandwidth, so the data transmission speed is relatively slow and the transmission time of files is longer. However, for vehicle Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth music, the transmission rate of Bluetooth can meet the needs of real-time data transmission. Therefore, vehicle navigation generally has Bluetooth function and only supports voice call and Bluetooth music. If you want to cast the screen wirelessly, the transmission rate of Bluetooth cannot be satisfied.


because the screen projection is to put the content of the mobile phone screen on the vehicle screen for display, and the content of the mobile phone screen is constantly changing, especially when playing video and navigation, the screen information is changing in real time. For example, for videos with an ordinary frame rate of 24, Bluetooth must send 24 screenshots of the mobile phone screen to the vehicle within one second to realize synchronous screen display, and the transmission rate of Bluetooth can not meet this demand at all, Therefore, the Bluetooth on the car can only support Bluetooth music and Bluetooth call.


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there are two main methods to realize mobile phone screen projection. One is to use screen projection software, the other is to connect the data line directly, and then realize the projection of the mobile phone to the car screen.


are realized by means of data line: the data line is a physical connection, and the data transmission capacity is the strongest, which theoretically meets the needs of mobile phone projection to the vehicle screen. Then establish a connection between the mobile phone and the vehicle navigation system through the data line to obtain the display content and transmit the display in real time. This connection is the most stable, but it needs to use a data cable, which is not so convenient to use.


use projection software: if you want to display mobile phone navigation pictures or other film and television pictures on the vehicle screen, you need to use projection or special same screen software. Now there happens to be a very easy-to-use screen projection software that can realize screen projection.

Bijie projection screen can meet any vehicle projection project, such as ordinary video projection screen, music projection screen, navigation projection screen, etc., which can be displayed on your vehicle screen by using Bijie projection screen. Before casting music, you need to read the manual to study how to connect mobile music to the car; Navigation requires the mobile phone to be fixed on the vehicle, and there is little content on the vehicle screen; Using the Bijie projection screen and opening the mobile phone, you can share the high-quality content of the mobile phone with the vehicle, and connect the massive content of the mobile phone with one click.


are like long-distance driving situations, which need navigation. In the past, either navigator or mobile phone was used to connect with USB when listening to music, or USB flash disk and disc player were used. When watching videos, you had to rely on your own USB flash disk and on-board videos. Such operations are really troublesome. For people who don’t know much about operations, this is a nightmare; However, the emergence of Bijie projection screen can make your mobile phone your car entertainment system. All entertainment apps on the mobile phone can be projected on the car screen, so you will no longer feel bored due to troublesome operation and lack of content.