vivo mobile phone wireless projection screen of several methods introduced

Wired connection

Android phones support wired connectivity, and MHL Wired connectivity is actually the name for HDMI phones, but since Android 4.4, support for this feature has become increasingly rare, and it’s hard to even find a phone that supports an MHL projection screen.

Wireless display

Android phones also support wireless projection function, generally speaking, no matter which brand of mobile phone, in order to ensure that the phone and the display in the same WiFi conditions, in the Settings – network and connection, click more connection, you can see the wireless display options, and then click to match.

Software projection screen

Of course, in addition to using the built-in screen projection and wired screen projection of the mobile phone system, we can also choose to use some software to achieve the screen projection function, such as Bijie screen projection. Many video software also support the screen projection function, which can be realized by clicking the screen projection button on the playing page.

Hardware projection

Whether you have a smart TV or an older, non-smart TV, or you only have a computer monitor, the Beitjet Wireless Screen Projector wirelessly projects the contents of your phone or laptop.
Use an HDMI cable to connect the Bijie interactive box to your monitor or TV.
Open the wireless projection function of mobile phone or laptop to search the ID of the interactive box of Bijie;
After searching, click Connect. After connecting, you can wirelessly project the contents of your mobile phone or laptop to your TV or monitor. It is very simple and practical, applicable to all the current application scenarios.