What factors affect the effect of mobile screen projection?

let’s first clarify what the screen projection is, and then we can find out what factors will affect the screen projection effect.

screen projection is divided into push screen projection (DLNA) and mirror screen projection (protocols of airplay, miracast and third-party companies, such as bjcast)


is simply understood. Push screen projection is to directly send a link of existing video resources (including those placed on remote servers or local mobile computers) to smart TVs or screen projectors, and then play them through devices.

image same screen is to transmit the picture data of mobile phone or computer to TV or projector through network (wired network or wireless network), and display the picture of mobile phone or computer synchronously in real time through large screen.


push screen projection. Because it only sends a link to the TV, after the successful screen projection, the mobile phone can do other things, which is out of sync with the TV picture, making it more flexible and free; But the disadvantage is that it can not operate the picture in real time. Generally speaking, it is only limited to playing video, music and pictures. The


images on the same screen can be operated in real time. They are usually used for meeting demonstration PPT, live live mobile game screen and using the mobile screen as a computer desktop (Huawei’s computer mode and Samsung’s DEX mode are based on the same screen function).


push screen projection is to throw resources to the TV or screen projector for processing, so a large part of the screen projection effect is related to the hardware performance of the TV or screen projector, including the computing speed, decoding ability, network performance, power consumption and heating of the chip (overheating may automatically reduce the frequency or affect the normal operation). The


images on the same screen are used to determine the same screen effect together with the mobile phone or computer, the router (in case of miracast screen projection, it can not go through the router), the TV or the screen projector. This involves compression decoding, network transmission, environmental interference, protocol docking and so on.