What is iPhone screen mirroring

Nowadays, more and more iPhone users prefer to mirror their iPhone screen on a smart TV, especially a Samsung TV or Roku TV. Of course, there are many methods and applications that can help you complete the screen image of your iPhone. In Apple devices, AirPlay can easily perform this screen image for the iPhone. How about Samsung smart TVS and other people’s iPhone screen mirrors?

Like the name of the iPhone screen image, it mirrors the display of the iPhone or iPad. More precisely, it enables you to play iPhone games, browse the web, enjoy iPhone movies, and do just about anything with an HDTV display. More and more iPhone apps now support video output for iPhone and iPad. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your iPhone’s screen image; You can get high quality 1080P video.

How does iPhone screen mirroring work?

Basically, there are two popular ways to project an iPhone screen onto a smart TV, a digital AV adapter and AirPlay. When you use an Apple TV or other AirPlay-compatible device, you can wirelessly select an iPhone screen image without special Settings. And the signal source of the TV needs to be set to the same HDMI input as the digital AV adapter.

When you project an iPhone video onto a Samsung Smart HDTV, you can find HDTV screens with different aspect ratios. For that case, you can only mirror the iPhone on the center screen of a Samsung Smart HDTV. If you use certain apps that support video output functions, it will automatically display in full 1080P. The device will detect the signal and send a video signal accordingly.