in the Internet era of intelligent products emerging one after another, offices also need intelligence more and more. The supervision and control of the office has also changed from overall management to more mobility and regionality.

why do offices need intelligence?

01. Improve work efficiency

efficient work comes from clear objectives and reduce additional irrelevant operations. Let lighting, air conditioning, curtains, meetings, network environment, printing and other things involving employees’ energy and requiring repeated operations be reduced as much as possible, so that employees can improve their work efficiency as much as possible.

02. Create a comfortable environment

good environmental experience can increase employees’ enthusiasm for work, form a good working atmosphere, and make the office warm and not cold, with music, flowers, Feng Shui fish and coffee machine The comfortable working environment of


can also make employees feel better. Why can’t they better devote themselves to work in an office environment like home?

03. Build the necessary security system and monitoring system of

which is safe, energy-saving and convenient, so as to ensure the property safety of the company. The mobile phone can check the company’s situation in real time, and the employees, delivery, cashier, etc;


access control systems have advanced technologies such as biometric fingerprint identification and password unlocking, support monitoring, photographing and alarm, and open the door remotely with mobile phone voice, so as to stop worrying that employees can’t enter the door because they forget their keys;


intelligent linkage enables the electrical equipment in the office to be turned on when it should be turned on and off when it should be turned off.

, and

offices also need intelligence!


intelligent office system will build a diversified Office with simple installation, easy operation and high cost performance.

01. Light control

intelligent lighting system can automatically control the light through human body induction and voice control. In necessary places, people can turn on the light when they come and turn off the light when they go without turning on the switch manually, which not only makes the work and life of employees more convenient, but also saves energy and reduces the cost of the company.

02. Smart curtain

many office workers must have the idea that when they are busy at noon, the sun shines directly on your computer, resulting in the unclear reflective screen, which seriously affects the work efficiency.


have intelligent curtains. Just say “the sun is too strong, close the curtains” or an order related to the meaning of closing the curtains, and the curtains can be closed automatically. Similarly, when the light is too dark, you don’t want to get up and pull the curtains by the window. At this time, you just need an order, and the curtains will be opened slowly to add a piece of sunshine to the office. Voice control curtains, so that the sun shading becomes intelligent, hold the sun in your hand, and life in the office is like home.

03. Intelligent background music


encounter a bottleneck. They have no clue about their work. When they are busier and more chaotic, do they want to have a soothing music?


intelligent background music system can make the soothing music ring slowly, stimulate your inspiration, make your work easier and make the working environment of your employees easier with just one command.

in addition, when the company activities or morning meetings, background music as a background aid can ignite the enthusiasm of employees and encourage everyone to forge ahead and get along well! Let the background music light up all the scenes of work and make the office more atmosphere like home!

04. Scene control

can realize various scenes such as meeting mode, lunch break mode, work mode and off-duty mode, which is convenient and practical and saves electric energy. One button management or voice control, light regulation, air conditioning switch, curtain and projection curtain switch.

conference mode: you can set “conference mode” in advance – parameters such as light switch, brightness and color temperature, and set the switch linkage of curtain, curtain, sound and electrical appliances. In such a meeting, you only need to say “we’re going to have a meeting”, and the “meeting mode” is automatically turned on by lights, curtains and electrical appliances, which not only saves the preparation time before the meeting, but also gives the meeting people a better listening effect.


lunch break mode: in summer afternoon, the office will not make people feel muggy. The air conditioner is automatically adjusted to the appropriate temperature, with weak warm light, slightly closed curtains and soft background music, people can sleep at ease and sweet in the office.

05. Intelligent linkage

when the office time comes, someone enters the door of the office, the intelligent door lock can link the electrical appliances of the whole house, the lights of the office are on, the air conditioner is on, and the computer also starts to run.

when you come home from work, the last person leaves, and the lights, air conditioners, computers and other electrical appliances in the office turn off automatically.

06. Security and peace of mind

smart door locks have many unlocking methods, such as key unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, remote voice and video unlocking and so on. So when you forget your key, don’t worry about being unable to get in and unable to work.

at the same time, you can also grant others the right to enter the door and withdraw it at any time. For example, you can temporarily authorize trusted managers, supervisors or employees, who can open the door as administrators, so you can save a lot of things, reduce your own workload, and create a safe office environment.

when you are not in the office after work, you don’t have to worry about thieves visiting the office. If there is a suspicious person wandering at the door of the office, you can see the suspicious person in the office through the remote video of the mobile app and shout at any time, and the smart lock will capture the thief’s face and generate a log for easy viewing at any time.


smart door locks can effectively give early warning and alarm in case of abnormal conditions, provide a safe and reliable environment for enterprises, make enterprises safer and bosses more at ease.