WiFi Direct – What is WiFi Direct? A brief introduction

WiFi Direct refers to allowing devices in wireless networks to connect to each other without the need for a wireless router. Its principle is similar to Bluetooth technology, which allows wireless devices to interconnect in a point-to-point manner. More importantly, WiFi Direct technology allows a WiFi device to establish multiple wireless connections simultaneously, which is currently the most critical technology for many new forms of WiFi applications.

WiFi Direct is a peer-to-peer wireless interconnection technology that establishes an improved ad hoc network that adopts wireless communication mode. WiFi has two network modes: Infrastructure Mode and Ad Hoc Mode. WiFi Direct mainly solves the connection problems of the physical layer, including device discovery and service discovery. Related technologies include NFC and DLNA.

(1) WiFi Direct features:

Mobile portability; Instant availability; Usability; Safe and simple connection

(2) WiFi Direct Target:

Shared content; Synchronize data; Direct printing; Game socializing

(3) Other WiFi Direct features:

No AP or router is required, the device is equipped with a “soft AP”, and both parties in a peer-to-peer connection only need one party to support WiFi Direct to achieve wireless interconnection, while supporting infrastructure networks and P2P networks. Device interconnection can be formed in a one-to-one or one to many manner, and must comply with the 802.11g protocol in order to pass WiFi Direct CERTIFIED verification