How to use

WiFi display? Xiaobian brings a tutorial on how to use WiFi display. Through the “WiFi display” function, users can use WiFi wireless network to wirelessly connect their mobile phones to computer monitors or projectors.

editor here, take the “WiFi display” of Nubia z7 as an example, enter the Nubia z7 setting, find the “screen projection” setting, and then turn this function on, and then you can connect the mobile phone with the wireless display device supporting WLAN display. After the connection is established, the mobile phone picture and sound will be transmitted to the connected device through WiFi.


tips: if your device does not support WLAN display, you can also use the accessory Nubia wireless sharing to realize screen projection, that is, if the computer or LCD TV does not support WiFi display technology, you can install relevant software. After


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are successfully connected, the mobile phone images we operate will be synchronously displayed on the large screen of the display or LCD TV, which is undoubtedly quite convenient for watching mobile phone photos, playing mobile games, watching mobile phone movies or PPT meetings.