Video conferencing is becoming increasingly common in the office, but it is necessary to set up the scene a few hours in advance before each meeting, and there are also a lot of cables that can cause dizziness before the meeting even starts.The most suffocating thing is the sudden disconnection or computer replacement during the meeting, as well as the long wait, which not only reduces efficiency but also affects mood. If it is a very important project, it is undoubtedly a fatal injury. In addition, video conferencing also has the following pain points for use:

1. Software video conferencing is convenient, but when meeting with multiple people, external cameras and microphones are required to ensure the meeting effect, and the meeting environment needs to be prepared in advance;

2. Secondly, the external wiring method causes the meeting personnel to be unable to move and the meeting is not convenient enough;

3. Insufficient integration between local conference screen sharing and remote conference sharing.

To address these issues, Bijie has launched a wireless conference solution that uses BJ66 wireless conference terminals and WCB06 wireless conference partners.

BYOM Wireless Conference

This is for enterprise conference rooms, using BJ66 wireless conference terminals and WCB06 wireless conference partners, which can meet the needs of local conference screen sharing and remote video conference access. It can be matched with software video conference platforms such as Tencent Meeting, DingTalk, Zoom, Teams, etc. The product adopts an integrated structural design, with 2 built-in high-speed WiFi processing modules, hidden high gain antennas, support for 4K high-definition display, 1HDMI input, 1HDMI output, independent audio input/output, gigabit Ethernet interface, and USB/Type-C expansion interface.

The BJ66 wireless conference terminal can be connected to a USB device microphone, USB camera, and monitor through an HDMI cable. The WCB06 wireless conference companion connects to a computer and has two buttons, the small button can open the microphone and camera; Large button one click screen projection.

Simply connect the monitor, USB camera, and USB microphone to the BJ66 wireless conference terminal during initial use, and pair the WCB06 wireless conference partner with BJ66. For subsequent meetings, simply plug the WCB06 into the computer and use it, without the need to build a conference scene again.

Advantages and characteristics of BYOM wireless conference

1. Support BYOM function, get rid of wire system, help conference wireless

The BYOM function is supported, and cameras, microphones, and audio devices that can be wirelessly connected to USB interfaces can further achieve wireless conference, break away from wired systems, and be more convenient, improving the overall aesthetics of the conference room.

2. It can adapt to commonly used video conferencing software and quickly start video conferencing

It can be adapted to Tencent Meeting, DingTalk, Zoom, Teams and other software video conferencing platforms, and can directly convene or join video conferences on the conference terminal. When users need to share desktop content, they only need to project the computer or mobile screen to the conference terminal, without the need to open the conference software to add the conference.

3. Support BYOD function, no need to download screen projection software, and support 6 channels on the same screen

Supports BYOD function, mobile computers can be wirelessly projected, compatible with AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, Googlecast, HUAWEI Cast+, BJCast projection protocols; Customers can choose to directly display the screen without downloading the software, which is simpler to use and can support up to 6 simultaneous displays.

4. Supports 4K high-definition screen, providing the ultimate visual experience

The conference partner adopts an independent encoding and decoding chip, supporting a 4K high-definition screen, which not only meets the office needs of enterprises, but also provides better visual effects.

5. Support video conferencing and local on-screen display

Supporting video conferencing and local projection content to be displayed on the same screen without interfering with each other. In the process of enterprise office work, video conferencing and local projection can save time and improve work efficiency.

Specific operating steps

1.The display screen is connected to the BJ66 wireless conference terminal, and the camera and microphone are connected to the BJ66 via USB;

2.WCB06 wireless conference partner BJ66 pairing;

3.After successful pairing, insert WCB06 into the computer and wait for WCB06 to start;

4.Taking Tencent Meeting as an example for demonstration, open Tencent Meeting;

5.Click the small button to wirelessly call up the camera and microphone;

6.Click the big button and the computer screen will be projected onto the TV.

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