How can wireless projection be applied to educational scene? Many emerging technology enthusiasts have raised such questions. In this new era surrounded by science and technology, as the most basic but most important place in life learning experience, what is the degree of science and technology of school?

Think back to our study and life. When we play the courseware, the teacher will insert the USB flash disk into the fixed desktop computer in the classroom and project the courseware. In teaching, the students need to go to the blackboard and write down the calculation steps with chalk. These pictures often appear in the learning process, which make the teaching lose its vitality. There are projectors, electronic whiteboards and broadcasting systems in every classroom, and teachers and students use mobile phones, computers and tablets. But these electronic devices are isolated islands one by one, and they have not been connected in series with each other, so they can not play their scientific and technological role.

How to use wireless display in education scene?

In the process of wireless screen casting, the intelligent terminal can project files to the large screen without any data cable. Teachers can use portable tablet, mobile phone and other mobile intelligent terminals to cast and share the courseware in real time. When teaching, they don’t have to stick to the platform any more. They can display courseware and key marks through wireless screen casting anytime and anywhere. The picture displayed by wireless screen casting is clear and vivid, and the color is fresh, the teacher can enlarge the font on the courseware, so that students can protect their eyesight while learning.

Wireless projection supports switching projection devices at any time. When students answer questions, they don’t need to go to the blackboard and do calculations with chalk. Instead, they use the computer to operate and answer questions. The operation steps will be projected on the large screen in real time, so that teachers and other students can see each step of the answer. Each student’s device can be projected at any time, which is convenient for teachers to master all students’ learning trends, and teachers can learn more Real time annotation of students’ screen content.


BiJie wireless display box supports multi-channel split screen layout. Teachers can screen multiple documents and split screen layout at the same time, which is convenient for comparative analysis in the process of explanation.
Through the wireless display device for teaching, it breaks the traditional communication form and teaching mode, realizes the online sharing, discussion, comment and question answering of all students and teachers in the classroom, greatly improves the efficiency and capacity of the classroom, and makes students change from the receiver to the creator.




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