Wireless-How to use wireless casting?

With the increasing popularity of wireless media sharing, Miracast is ready for large-scale adoption.At the beginning, Miracast screen casting must be in the same LAN environment, but when Miracast protocol screen casting, as long as it is within a certain range, it can be matched – just like Bluetooth, when one device is turned on, the other devices can be searched as long as they are around.

Miracast screen projection operation tutorial:

The first step is to open the Miracast device, which will establish a device information to be connected through the Miracast protocol. Wait for the signal source to connect.

There are many types of Miracast devices, including projectors or TVs that support Miracast, as well as traditional TVs that use projection terminals.

Firstly, introduce the Win system:

Computer wireless screen projection above Win8.1 is directly supported. The win+P key brings up the projection settings menu.

Select Wireless Projection from the Projection Settings menu. Then start searching for wireless projection devices.

Wait for the device to connect.

Android phones support Miracast and require Android version support. Currently, mainstream Android 5.0 supports wireless screen projection.

But the specific location for activating wireless screen projection is different.

Some Android phones enable wireless screen projection by entering Settings – Display Settings, while others enable wireless screen projection by clicking on More Features – Select Wireless Display.

Apple uses Airplay technology, with similar implementation methods.

Generally, Miracast devices are compatible with iOS and can wait for the device to connect.Miracast uses the WiFi protocol, with a considerable transmission speed and generally low latency.

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