Wireless projection enables the conference to turn on speaker mode


wireless projection devices can now be said to be necessary for the reform of the conference room. Wireless projection enables the conference to turn on the speaker mode.

1. Conference wireless projection concept

wireless projection enables users to project the screen of smart phones, tablets, notebooks, computers and other devices onto the large screen of peripherals supporting this function, so as to realize multi screen sharing.


conference wireless projection screen refers to a kind of equipment specially developed for meeting sharing and presentation needs. The large screen of general enterprises is divided into early projectors, Business All-in-One machines and splicing screens popular in recent years. In enterprise meetings, not only fast wireless projection display is needed, but also convenient demonstration, sharing and other needs are more important.

2. The meaning of conference wireless projection

business conference is indispensable in enterprises. The traditional paper conference is a thing of the past and replaced by intelligent conference wireless conference. Because after the projector or touch all-in-one machine joins the wireless projection screen, in the demonstration process, it not only improves the work efficiency, but also makes the whole demonstration process without any complex settings, which is more convenient to use and makes the meeting more efficient and convenient.

3. The installation method of conference wireless projection screen is


. Usually, we fix the wireless projection box in a conference room with the display screen through HDMI cable or VGA cable; Then, when the screen needs to be used, connect the power supply, and our mobile phones, computers, notebooks and other office equipment project the small screen on the large screen through the wireless screen projection equipment, so as to carry out meeting sharing and demonstration.

4. Functions of wireless projection conference

1 Mobile phones and computers can be used to transmit screen images and videos;

2. The text annotation display document can be marked at any time directly through the light mouse. If it is connected to the touch all-in-one machine, the annotation can be written directly by hand;

3. Written content preservation: the written content can be packed and taken away. You can save it on this machine and USB flash drive as you like;

4. Quickly change the theme interface: enter the background of the wireless projection device and change the required pictures;

5. If it is matched with the touch all-in-one machine, you can directly reverse control the computer or tablet on the screen.


wireless projection, intelligent conference system and other high-tech elements appear to support mobile office, digital management of the company and improve conference efficiency.