entered March, and the temperature in various places rose one after another, but the occasional cold in late spring still made many people reluctant to go out. There will be more new games after spring every year. Mr. rice ball continues to select excellent VR games for you. You can have fun at home when the weather is cold and you don’t want to go out.


Bijie Internet focus on multi screen cooperation solutions, follow the pace of VR / AR ecological development, and launch multiple VR / AR intelligent glasses wireless screen projection solutions to help VR / AR realize wireless screen projection function in rapid iteration.

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1. The title of

in world at war is very loud and looks full of style. Players can fly fighters, helicopters and warships in the game and participate in a sea air melee. The game has prepared three control modes for players. In addition to the special controller, you can also use the handle or key mouse to control. According to the evaluation of foreign media, the aircraft control of the game feels very professional. Although the current game content is less, but still in the “preemptive experience” stage, more content will be added in the future.

2. The American Dream

this is a game that satirizes American gun culture. To some extent, it is very “timely”. After all, there are still a lot of shooting cases in the United States recently. This game adopts the style of American posters in the 1930s. When players enter the United States in the game, they will find that guns are everywhere. You need to shoot no matter what you do: for example, turning over a grilled steak or opening a coke can with one shot. When I went to the wedding, I found that the guests had a gun in their hand, as if the gun could not be separated from American life, just as in reality. It’s not the first time to log in to vrspekds, but it’s the first time to log in to vrspe. Like PSVR’s first tone VR, this game is also a music game. Just put on your headphones and choose a song. Use your VR controller to capture melodic notes from the speakers behind the stage. But to achieve a perfect score, you have to pay attention to the long notes and other challenges to improve the difficulty! The game currently has 4 Music for players to challenge.

4. Catcher VR (innocent VR)

catcher VR tells a story about natural disasters caused by serious damage to the earth’s environment in the future, which need to solve the mystery of natural disasters and save the world. The game tells about the end of the world 200 years later, when a terrible disease “carbonization disease” appeared. People infected with this disease will slowly turn into coke until they die. In order to solve the mystery of “carbonization disease” and save mankind, the protagonist embarked on an adventure full of various crises and challenges. As a decryption game, the game has excellent picture and good gameplay.

5. Fighting landlord VR

fighting landlord is a poker game with strong Chinese characteristics, which is simple, interesting, quick to use and entertaining! Three players sit at the same table, and each game determines a landlord and two farmers. The landlord and the farmers compete, and the one who finishes the card first wins. The virtual environment is the same as the real environment. Players control the virtual hand to draw out the cards to be played. As a game with a price of 3 yuan, although the picture of this landlords type game is a little worse, it is still a lot of fun to play cards.