Wireless projection screen is generally achieved by Miracast.

The disadvantage of Miracast is that stable Wi-Fi signals are required during screen projection. If the network speed is slow or the signal is unstable, problems such as screen projection delay or picture delay may be caused. In addition, the Miracast protocol does not support synchronous transmission of audio and video, which may cause unsynchronized sound and picture.

Generally speaking, the reasons for the wireless projection screen may be many. Here are some possible reasons:

1. Unstable network environment: Wireless screen projection requires signal transmission through the network, if the network signal is unstable or the network bandwidth is insufficient, there will be a phenomenon of delay.

2. Insufficient device performance: If the screen projection device or receiving device performance is insufficient, such as processor, memory, graphics card, etc., it will also affect the smoothness of wireless screen projection.

3. Screen projection software is unstable or the version is too old: If the screen projection software is unstable or the version is too old, it will also cause the wireless screen projection to stall.

4. The picture quality of the screen projection device and the receiving device does not match: if the picture quality of the screen projection device is higher than that of the receiving device, there will be a phenomenon of stuttering.

5. There are other interfering factors: such as electromagnetic interference from the surrounding environment, overheating of the equipment, etc., may also cause the wireless projection screen to stall.

To solve these problems, the following measures can be optimized:

1. Ensure a stable network environment: wireless projection screen needs a stable network environment, you can try to optimize the network environment by optimizing router Settings, increasing signal amplifiers and other ways.

2. Use high-performance equipment: Betjet wireless conference terminal can still be smooth and stable screen casting under the condition of 10%~20% network packet loss rate, patent streaming media transmission protocol and algorithm to ensure that multiple people simultaneously screen casting, smooth and no delay; The hardware adopts Gigabit Ethernet, built-in WiFi6 ultra-high-speed WiFi module, to ensure high network transmission guarantee, and provide screen status monitoring, support screen resolution, packet loss rate, bit rate, frame rate and signal strength information display. The better the performance of the screen projection device and receiving device, the higher the fluency of wireless screen projection.

3. Update the screen projection software: Timely update the screen projection software (the APP), can solve the stability problem of the software itself.

4. Match the picture quality: Ensure that the picture quality of the projection device and the receiving device matches, which can avoid the problem of stuttering caused by the mismatch of picture quality.

5. Eliminate other interfering factors: Reduce the influence of other interfering factors by improving the surrounding environment and keeping the equipment ventilated.