Wireless Screen Projection – Apple Wireless Screen Projection to Computer Method

Screen casting method 1: Play the video and directly cast the screen

Step 1: Turn on the screen projection function of the smart TV or network box. Some are enabled by default when turned on, while others require finding relevant apps and manually opening them. Generally, names such as “multi screen interaction”, “screen mirroring”, “wireless screen projection”, etc. are used; After turning on the screen projection function, a wireless display of the connection name will be broadcasted outward;

Step 2: When playing videos on a mobile phone, many video apps (such as Youku, Tencent, iQiyi, Baidu Netdisk, etc.) have a floating window on the TV’s video playback interface. Click to search for the display name of the TV, and connect to achieve screen projection.

Screen projection method 2: Screen mirroring method

Step 1: Open the screen projection app of the smart TV or network box;

Step 2: Slide the Apple phone from bottom to top, open the “Control Center”, click on screen mirroring, and you can search for wireless display names under the same WiFi. Click on Connect to achieve screen mirroring function.