Wireless Screen Projection – Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System Solution

Bijie Multimedia Collaboration System Solution is mainly aimed at LCD and LED screen merchants, providing wireless screen transmission solutions such as AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA, Google cast, etc. It can also support USB wired connection for same screen display, making it convenient to achieve small screen to large screen. Bijie mainly provides an overall implementation solution for wireless/wired screen projection SDKs, which facilitates hardware manufacturers to quickly iterate and implement the wireless screen projection function of display devices.

Intelligent terminal wireless display projection: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac intelligent terminal wireless display, compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, DLNA, GoogleCast, BJCast protocols.

Multi channel wireless screen projection display: can support up to 4 intelligent terminals to display on the same screen, without terminal type restrictions.

Video website projection: Compatible with DLNA projection protocol, smartphones can use video apps such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent, etc. to push videos to the car navigation screen for playback.

Supports USB wired screen mirroring: By connecting the smartphone to the navigation screen via a USB data cable, the smartphone can be charged while projecting to the navigation screen.

Support for screen mirroring and reverse control: The Bijie screen mirroring SDK can provide screen mirroring and reverse control functions for Android phones and Windows computers (to be used in conjunction with touch screens).

Provide SDK development toolkit: Bijie provides a complete transmitter SDK and receiver SDK, which can provide C/C++, node.js, C #, Object C, NW, and Electron interfaces.

No software installation required for screen mirroring

Wireless screen mirroring on mobile phones and computers, seamless screen mirroring, and easy switching between large and small screens; Compatible with native protocols such as AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, and Google Cast, allowing for screen mirroring without the need for any software installation; Play games, watch videos, and work with one click screen mirroring.

Multi channel wireless screen projection display scheme

Multi channel adaptive same screen display (SDK scheme has no limit on the number of channels, and the number of display channels depends on the decoding ability of the display SOC scheme); Suitable for document comparison and dual use in office entertainment, it can be used for both work and video projection.

Video website video projection (DLNA)

Compatible with DLNA native screen mirroring protocol, supporting screen mirroring for movies, music, and more; Video projection on apps such as iQiyi, Youku, and Tencent Video, simple and easy to use

Supports USB wired connection for screen projection

The USB wired screen projection SDK supports device integration for Linux and Android systems. The monitor motherboard integrates a USB wired screen projection SDK. Smartphones can quickly project screens to the monitor via a USB data cable, without the need for a host.

Projection reverse control

The Bijie Screen Projection SDK provides screen projection control function, supporting screen projection control for Android devices (UIBC or USB wired) and Windows computers (WiDi or BJCast protocol). The smart device can project the screen onto the display screen (the display screen needs to support touch control), and can directly operate the phone or computer through touch control on the display screen.

Provide SDK development toolkit

Provide a complete set of SDK development toolkits for Bijie’s screen transmitter, receiver, and platform, facilitating user integration for secondary development.

Sending SDK:Android Sender SDK、iOS Sender SDK、Windows Sender SDK、Mac OS Sender SDK

Windows can provide C/C++interface or node.js interface, C # interface

The MacOS platform can provide C/C++interfaces or node.js interfaces

The Android SDK provides C, C++interfaces, or aar interfaces

The iOS platform provides C, C++, and Object C interfaces, and has the ability to call iOS Airplay or iOS screen recording

Receiver SDK: compatible with Android, Linux, and Windows systems