Wireless Screen Projection – Operation Method of Youku Wireless Screen Projection

With the rapid development of technology, people’s demand for video viewing is also constantly upgrading. As a leading online video platform in China, Youku has always been committed to providing users with a better and more convenient viewing experience. In recent years, Youku has continuously launched innovative features, among which the screen projection function has been warmly welcomed by a large number of users. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the principle, advantages, usage methods, and precautions of Youku screen mirroring, helping users better understand this feature and enjoy the fun of watching movies on a large screen.

The Principle of Youku Screen Projection

The Youku screen projection function is based on wireless local area network (Wi Fi) technology, which projects the content of Youku apps from smart devices such as smartphones and tablets onto large screens such as televisions. The implementation of this function requires certain conditions to be met: firstly, smart devices and large screen devices such as televisions need to be in the same Wi Fi network environment; Secondly, smart devices need to install the Youku app and ensure compatibility with the Youku version on large screen devices.

The advantages of Youku screen casting

  1. Large screen viewing: Through the projection function, users can project the content of the Youku app on their phones and tablets onto large screens such as televisions, enjoying a more immersive viewing experience.
  2. Family sharing: Through the screen mirroring function, the whole family can gather in the living room to enjoy exciting content such as movies and TV shows, enhancing emotional communication among family members.
  3. Convenient operation: Users only need to open the Youku app on their smart device, select the content that needs to be projected, and easily transfer video streams to the large screen. The operation is simple and convenient.
  4. High definition image quality: Youku supports high-definition video transmission, ensuring clear and smooth image effects on the large screen.
  5. Multi screen interaction: Youku’s screen mirroring supports simultaneous mirroring of multiple devices, allowing users to simultaneously transfer video content from different devices to the large screen, achieving multi screen interaction.

How to use Youku screen mirroring

  1. Ensure that smart devices and large screen devices are in the same Wi Fi network environment.
  2. Open the Youku app on a smart device and enter the content page that requires screen mirroring.
  3. Click the “Projection” button in the upper right corner of the page to search and connect to a large screen device.
  4. After successful connection, the user can project the video content of the device onto large screens such as televisions.
  5. During the screen casting process, users can operate the screen casting content through the Youku app on their smart devices, such as playing, pausing, adjusting volume, etc.
  6. When it is necessary to end the screen mirroring, users only need to turn off the mirroring function on the smart device or disconnect from the large screen device.


  1. Ensure the stability of the Wi Fi network environment and avoid screen interruption or screen lag caused by network fluctuations.
  2. Try to minimize the connection and disconnection of other devices to avoid interfering with the normal use of the screen projection function.
  3. During the screen casting process, avoid blocking the signal receiving area of the smart device to avoid affecting the screen casting effect.
  4. Pay attention to protecting personal privacy and avoid projecting content that involves personal privacy onto a large screen.
  5. Timely update the versions of smart devices and Youku apps to ensure optimal screen mirroring and security.

In summary, the Youku screen casting function has brought great convenience and improvement to the viewing experience of users. Through this feature, users can easily project Youku app content from their phones and tablets onto large screens such as televisions, enjoying a more immersive viewing experience. At the same time, family members can also share and appreciate exciting content together, enhancing emotional communication. During use, users need to pay attention to some details to ensure the best screen projection effect and safety. With the continuous progress and improvement of technology, we believe that Youku’s screen casting function will bring users a better and more convenient viewing experience.