Wireless screen projection SDK-SDK integration solution

First, what is the Bijie screen SDK?

The SDK is a wi-Fi-based screen projection technology between mobile phones, tablets, computers and TVS or projectors.It can put pictures, videos, music, games and other content on mobile phones and tablets on the big screen to achieve cross-screen interaction and make the user experience more colorful.

Second, why choose the Bijie screen SDK?

1. Simple and easy to use: no need to connect the cable, just install the APP on the phone, you can achieve wireless screen projection, simple and convenient operation.

2. Multi-platform support: Support Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and other different platforms to meet the needs of various devices.

3. High definition: The use of high-definition streaming media transmission technology, the picture is clear and smooth, not affected by the network environment.

4. High stability: After a long time of use test, to ensure that there will be no flash back, stalling and other problems during use.

5. Safe and reliable: AES encryption technology is used to ensure the security of data during transmission, so that users can use it with confidence.

Third, Application scenarios


1. Home entertainment: Put movies, TV series, games and other content on mobile phones and tablets on the TV or projector to enjoy the audio-visual feast brought by the large screen.

2. Education and training: PPT, documents, videos and other educational resources are put on the big screen to achieve wireless teaching, remote training and other functions.

3. Business meeting: PPT, Excel, video and other content on the computer will be put on the projector to achieve wireless conference presentation function.

4. Catering industry: The menu, pictures and other content on the tablet are put on the big screen to improve the customer ordering experience.

The SDK solution allows your application to have wireless screen projection function, achieve cross-screen interaction, and make the user experience more colorful.Whether it is in the field of family entertainment, education and training, business meetings or catering industry, it can play an important role.At the same time, our SDK has the advantages of simple use, multi-platform support, high definition, high stability, safety and reliability, and is the best choice for you to achieve wireless projection.