Wireless Screen Projection – Storm Video App wirelessly projects screens to Haier TV through DLNA protocol

With the development of technology, wireless screen projection technology is becoming increasingly popular, and many smart TVs and mobile devices support this function. Among them, DLNA protocol is a common wireless screen projection standard, which allows users to wirelessly transmit video, audio, and other media content from mobile devices to large screens such as televisions. This article will introduce how to use the Storm Video App to wirelessly project video content from a mobile phone or computer to a Haier TV through the DLNA protocol.

 Introduction to Storm Video App

The Storm Video App is a widely used video player that supports multiple video formats and encoding methods, as well as excellent video decoding ability and playback speed. In addition, the Storm Video App also supports the DLNA protocol, which can wirelessly project video content from mobile phones or computers to large screens such as TVs that support the DLNA protocol.

Haier TV Introduction

Haier TV is one of the well-known TV brands in China, with a product line covering smart TVs of different sizes and configurations. Haier TV supports a variety of intelligent applications and services, including the DLNA protocol, which allows users to wirelessly project video content from mobile devices onto the TV.

The method of wireless screen projection to Haier TV through DLNA protocol

  1. Ensure devices are connected to the same Wi Fi network

Firstly, make sure that your phone, computer, and Haier TV are all connected to the same Wi Fi network. This is the basic condition for achieving wireless screen projection.

  1. Install and open the Storm Video App

Install the Storm Video app on your phone or computer and open it.

  1. Select the video content to be projected

In the Storm Video app, find the video content you want to project and start playing.

  1. Click the screen projection button

In the Storm Video app, locate the screen projection button (usually a downward arrow or similar icon) and click on it. At this point, the Storm Video App will automatically search for available screen projection devices.

  1. Choose Haier TV for screen projection

Select your Haier TV from the list of available devices found in the search, and then click Connect. At this point, the Storm Video App will project the video content onto Haier TV.

  1. Adjusting screen projection settings

If you want to adjust the projection settings, such as adjusting video resolution or audio output mode, you can make adjustments in the projection settings of the Storm Video app. On Haier TV, the screen projection effect can also be adjusted through relevant settings.

  1. Close screen projection connection

After completing the screen casting operation, you can close the screen casting connection in the Storm Video App. You can also disconnect from mobile devices through relevant settings on Haier TV.


  1. Ensure stable Wi Fi network connection to avoid affecting the screen mirroring effect.
  2. When conducting wireless screen projection, it is important to avoid moving the device or TV to avoid affecting signal transmission.