Wireless Screen Projection – Tips for Implementing Wireless Screen Projection on Win11 System Computers

With the development of technology, wireless screen projection technology is increasingly favored by people. Especially for business professionals who frequently need to display slides, images, or videos, as well as users who enjoy the audio-visual feast brought by large screens at home, wireless screen projection technology is undoubtedly a very practical solution. Below, we will provide a detailed introduction to the techniques for implementing wireless screen mirroring on Win11 system computers.

1、 Understand the wireless screen projection function of Win11 system computers

The Win11 system computer has a built-in wireless screen projection function, allowing users to transmit the computer screen in real-time to display devices that support wireless display through wireless networks. This feature is very suitable for business meetings, home entertainment, or teaching demonstrations.

2、 Prepare necessary hardware and software

To achieve the wireless screen mirroring function of Win11 system computers, users need to have the following hardware and software:

Hardware preparation:

(1) Win11 system computer: Ensure that the computer has wireless network card or Bluetooth function.

(2) Smart TV: Supports wireless display function and is on the same network as the computer.

Software preparation:

(1) Operating system: Win11 system.

(2) Driver: Ensure that the wireless network card or Bluetooth driver on the computer is installed correctly.

(3) Application: Some smart TVs may require specific applications to achieve wireless screen projection function, and users need to install corresponding applications on the smart TV in advance.

3、 Steps to Implement Wireless Screen Projection on Win11 System Computers

Connect to the same network: Connect the Win11 system computer and smart TV to the same wireless network.

Turn on the wireless screen mirroring function: On the Win11 system computer, press the “Win+P” button, and then select “Wireless Display” from the pop-up menu.

Search and connect smart TV: The Win11 system computer will search for available display devices. After finding the device name for the smart TV, click on Connect.

Complete screen mirroring: Once successfully connected, the screen content of the Win11 system computer will be transmitted in real-time to the smart TV. Users can view and operate all content of the Win11 system computer on a smart TV, including PPT presentations, image browsing, and video playback.

4、 The advantages and precautions of wireless screen projection


(1) High flexibility: Wireless screen projection technology allows users to transfer computer screens to any display device that supports wireless display without connecting cables. Whether in business meetings or home entertainment environments, users can flexibly choose display devices according to their actual needs.

(2) Easy to operate: Wireless screen projection technology enables convenient plug and play operation. Users only need to perform simple settings and connection processes to easily project computer screen content onto display devices such as smart TVs.

(3) Strong compatibility: With the continuous development of technology, wireless screen projection technology can support a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. This allows users to seamlessly switch between different devices, better meeting their needs.

(4) Good security: Many wireless screen projection solutions use encryption transmission technology to protect the security of user data. In addition, in the home environment, users can further protect the security of data by setting passwords or using specialized network security software.

(5) High performance and stability: Advanced wireless screen projection solutions adopt optimization algorithms and efficient transmission mechanisms, which can provide high-performance and stable transmission effects. Users can enjoy clear and smooth visual effects and low latency audio transmission.


(1) Before conducting wireless screen mirroring, users need to ensure that all hardware and software are correctly installed and in normal working condition. This includes checking whether the computer’s operating system, drivers, and the wireless display function of the smart TV are turned on properly.

(2) During wireless screen mirroring, users need to pay attention to whether the surrounding network environment is stable. If the network is unstable or there is interference, it may affect the transmission quality and stability of wireless screen projection.