Without downloading any software, how to cast the screen from the phone to the TV in 1 minute?
In life, we often see some interesting things when we play mobile phones, want to share with relatives, friends to see together, but the mobile phone screen is too small, we look together is not convenient, the effect is not good.
If you can put fun things on the screen to the TV, then this problem will be solved, in fact, our mobile phone system comes with this function, but it is hidden more deeply, I believe that everyone will not use too much, in fact, the mobile phone screen projected on the TV, super simple, 1 minute can learn, and do not need to download software, does not take up space oh.

Today’s method, there is only one problem to pay attention to is that our mobile phone and TV should be under the same WIFI, so that the mobile phone and TV can be found and connected to each other
Open the phone’s Settings —- network and connections —- for more connections, —- and select “Wireless display”.
Then open the “Open wireless display” so that the following can show our TV, TV box and other devices under the same WIFI, we only need to click the device name displayed below to connect;
When the connection is successful, our mobile phone picture has been displayed on the TV, and then we operate anything on the mobile phone, and the TV is also synchronized to display oh, browsing the web, watching videos, playing games
Apple devices are the same and very simple
First, scroll up the taskbar and find “AirPlay”
Find our large-screen device, click Connect, and turn on the mirror
Because the mobile phone model and the TV model are different, the system version may show differences, but basically the same, the effect is the same, some older mobile phones may not have this function, you need to download the software projection screen such as the must Jiebei screen