Bijie Internet debuted at InfoComm exhibition, showcasing innovation through wireless conferencing and smart classroom interaction solutions

From July 19th to 21st, Beijing InfoComm China 2023 will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center.Bijie Internet has made a grand debut with multiple eye-catching products and solutions, attracting widespread attention from both inside and outside the industry.At the exhibition, Bijie Internet introduced its latest wireless conferencing, smart classroom, and AR glasses projection solutions, showcasing its technological advantages in the fields of wireless projection and video conferencing.A reporter from Digital Audio and Video Engineering Network walked into the booth of Bijie Internet and interviewed Mr. Qin Kun, the director of its marketing department.

Mr. Qin Kun, Director of Marketing Department of Bijie Internet

Wireless conference solution: flexible and convenient communication

The wireless conference solution is an innovative product launched by Bijie Internet, aimed at meeting the needs of enterprises for flexible and convenient conference communication.This solution connects computers and peripherals, such as conference cameras and microphones, wirelessly to achieve the integration of wireless screen projection and video conferencing functions, bridging the communication bridge between local sharing and remote meetings.

Smart Classroom Solution: Further Upgrade Teaching Interaction

The Smart Classroom Solution is a smart teaching interactive solution launched by Bijie Internet for vocational colleges, with functions such as group discussions and multi-screen collaboration.This plan enables teachers to better interact with students, and students can greatly improve learning efficiency and bring a better teaching experience through activities such as full participation, group interactive discussions, and speech practice.At the same time, the smart classroom solution supports the combination of devices such as central control recording and broadcasting, achieving closer correlation and building a digital education full scene application ecosystem for educational scenarios.

AR00 Convenient Wireless Screen Projector: Empowering AR Virtual Realm

At the exhibition, Bijie Internet also showcased the AR00 portable wireless screen projector, which is a wireless display product designed specifically for AR glasses.By adapting to the DP display and power requirements of AR glasses, the AR00 wireless screen projector can wirelessly transmit audio and video content from smartphones to AR glasses, providing AR glasses with more information sources and content support.

Technical advantages: Continuously leading and integrating diversity

At the exhibition, Bijie Internet emphasized its technological advantages.Bijie Internet has made a lot of optimization investment in network transmission and wireless protocol processing to ensure that wireless screen projection and wireless conference perform more stably and efficiently in Complex network environment.At the same time, Bijie Internet is committed to opening interfaces with more partners and integrating diverse devices and systems to meet the needs of multi-system integration and interaction in fields such as intelligent office and smart education.

Looking Forward: Embracing Conference Trends

In the interview, Mr. Qin Kun, Director of Marketing Department of Bijie Internet, stated that wireless conferencing is an inevitable trend in the development of video conferencing.Especially in the past few years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the demand for remote meetings and remote work in enterprises and schools has been increasing. The launch of wireless conference solutions will better meet the diverse meeting communication needs of users.

In the future, Bijie Internet will continue to increase technological investment, maintain technological leadership, and provide users with a more stable and efficient wireless screen projection and wireless conference experience.At the same time, Bijie Internet will continue to expand its partners, promote the integration of solutions, deeply cultivate fields such as smart office and smart education, and provide users with higher quality products and services.

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