Bijie Internet Wonderful Review – The 60th China Higher Education Expo

On October 12,2023, the 60th China Higher Education Expo opened at the Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is organized by the China Association of Higher Education, aiming to implement the fundamental task of cultivating morality and talent, deepen the integration of vocational education, industry and education, and science and education, promote the modernization of higher education equipment, and serve the innovative development of universities.


This year’s High tech Expo has 1500 participating universities, an exhibition area of over 120000 square meters, 6000 participating enterprises, a total of 150000 attendees, and a total of over 10000 educational equipment products. It is the largest event in the history of the High tech Expo, with the largest number of forums held and the highest number of attendees in history. The exhibition area mainly covers multiple fields such as laboratories and scientific research equipment, information technology and smart education exhibition area, practical training and electromechanical exhibition area, medical education and health exhibition area, logistics and safety campus exhibition area, sports facilities and supplies exhibition area, international brand area, etc. During the three-day exhibition period, visitors will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the latest products and technological achievements of various exhibitors, as well as the future development trends of the education industry.

At this exhibition, Bijie Internet showcased its innovative products and technologies, bringing multiple multi-screen collaborative intelligent terminal products as well as intelligent education and office solutions.


The exhibition site was bustling with crowds. The product technology and solutions of Bijie Internet have also received attention and heated discussion from on-site visitors. Visitors have stopped in front of the Bijie booth to exchange and experience, and the exhibition hall is filled with a strong technological atmosphere and people’s eager communication voice.

Bijie wireless screen projection termina

At this expo, we mainly showcase devices such as the BJ60S, BJ66 Wireless Conference Edition/Interactive Edition, and BJ80 Standard Edition/Interactive Edition to the audience. They meet different user needs in terms of price and functionality. Users can choose the appropriate device according to their own situation and deploy it flexibly. We also introduced the specific operating steps and functions in detail on site.

Wireless Conferencing Solutions

Wireless connection to the audio-visual peripheral AV devices (cameras, microphones, audio) in the conference room, supporting UC cloud video conferencing platforms such as Teams, Zoom, DingTalk, Tencent Meeting, etc., to quickly hold video conferences.

Smart Classroom Solutions

The Bijie Internet Smart Classroom Solution is an interactive teaching application scenario based on BYOD, mainly using display devices+IP networking+intelligent terminal devices (BJ66 interactive version/BJ80 interactive version). It supports group communication, multi-screen interaction, achievement display, annotation and comments, and can be integrated with the classroom central control system and classroom recording system. At the same time, it can provide a unified management platform and support large-scale deployment, Facilitate remote management by school operation and maintenance personnel.

Group teaching with multi-screen interaction

Discussion type smart classrooms are usually equipped with multiple large screens, and Bijie’s group teaching multi-screen interactive solution meets various functional requirements for group discussion type smart classrooms, such as wireless screen projection, multi-screen synchronization, real-time broadcasting, any screen control, and any person’s screen projection. Build a multi screen interactive group teaching system with interactive touch screens for teachers and student group screens. Adopting multi-screen interactive technology, it supports various interactive functions such as dynamic annotation and split screen preview. Build a multi screen interactive group teaching system through interactive touch screens for teachers and 4-6 student group screens, making teaching more scientific, easy, and effective!

AR/VR Intelligent Glasses Wireless Screen Projection Solution
The Bijie AR/VR intelligent glasses wireless screen projection solution mainly relies on equipped with dedicated intelligent glasses screen projection devices or integrated wireless screen projection SDKs, enabling AR/VR intelligent glasses to achieve interconnection with mobile phones and PCs. Compatible with AirPlay, MiracastGooglecast, DLNA, and BJCast wireless projection protocols.

The successful hosting of the 60th China Higher Education Expo not only provides a broader stage for domestic education exchange and cooperation, but also injects new impetus into promoting industrial innovation and development. We look forward to more innovation and cooperation emerging on this platform, jointly promoting the prosperity and development of education in China.

Finally, Bijie Internet congratulates the 60th China Higher Education Expo on its complete success. We look forward to meeting again!

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