BJ66 Wireless Meeting Smart Terminal


Collaboration, wireless presentation, and knowledge sharing

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Wireless connection of AV devices

USB audio-visual peripherals wirelessly connected to conference rooms (photo taken Camera, microphone, stereo)

Quickly start a video conference

Support Teams, Zoom, Dingpin, Tencent meetings, etc UC video conference platform to quickly hold a meeting


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Up to 10 channels of pictures can be displayed on the same screen,It supports screen sharing and one button broadcast-ing between master and slave devices.

4K HD collaborative sharing

Share desktop content and other people's screen with one click, lift For 4K high definition sound painting experience

Quality Collaboration Meeting

PC, UC conference system and conference peripheral AV equipment more efficient Live, more efficient remote collaboration

HDMI Single input, single output

Supports dual HDMI input and output, and supports access to third-party HDMI video sources, such as cameras, high-resolution monitors, and PCS


Support the integration with the third-party application system such as video conference, conference appointment, teaching central control, recording and broadcasting.

Wireless meeting

Support wireless conference function, wireless connection to conference camera/microphone, support Teams, Zoom, Tencent Conference, Dingding, Huichang and other video conference platforms; (Used with wireless conference transceiver)

Wireless conference -device connection

Camera and microphone signals are transmitted to the computer wirelessly, reducing the wiring steps for meetings, and using the personal computer of sharing personnel can quickly hold meetings

Multiple users join remote sharing

In A remote meeting, all participants in the same meeting room do not need to join the meeting. If employee A uses the meeting software to join the meeting and employee B needs to share computer pictures, the meeting screen is cast and no further joining is required

Support BYOD

It supports BYOD, multiple smart terminals can cast screen display at the same time, and is compatible with native protocols of AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, and Googlecast, without software installation.

HDMI input and output

With 1 channel HDMI independent input, support audio transmission, external high camera, camera, PC and other third party signal source;

Control API interface

Provide control API interface, can be integrated with external central control, intelligent platform and other iot devices docking;

For multiple cooperating machine

Supports screen sharing and one-click broadcast between primary and secondary devices

* This function is a software function and requires additional purchase

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