Before using Carplay, it is necessary to prepare an original USB cable, which can be wirelessly connected without a data cable. The iOS system should be updated to a newer or latest version. Connect the data cable to the car’s USB port, and it will prompt you to open Siri on your phone, and the car will automatically start Carplay. If the Carplay startup does not appear on the main interface of the car, click on General in Settings and find Carplay Car to open it.

Only users who use Apple phones and whose car’s central control screen supports Carplay can synchronize their phone navigation to car navigation through Carplay.


Carlife screen mirroring tutorial: ① Mobile phone settings → ② Enable cellular mobile data → ③ Open mobile WiFi → ④ Turn on personal hotspot → ④ Turn on car phone WiFi → ⑤ Connect to established hotspot on mobile phone → ⑥ Click on CarLife on car phone screen and open CarLife on mobile phone to achieve interconnection between car and mobile phone → Open mobile phone navigation → Synchronize display of car navigation.

Carlife is an open internet software on Baidu that can be used on both Apple and Android phones, but most models only support wired connections and do not support wireless connections.

3. Third party internet projection software

The first step is to download the vehicle’s internet app, open the Android internet module on the car’s navigation, scan the QR code, download and install it on your phone;

Step 2, after installation is completed, start the internet software on your phone and keep it running normally;

Step three, match and connect the phone to the car’s Bluetooth, and turn on the USB debugging function of the phone;

Step 4, start the interconnection software on the car phone, and the mobile phone will also display the message “Connected successfully, please operate through the car phone”;

Step 5: After successfully synchronizing the mobile application on the car terminal, the main page of the Internet will be displayed. Use the mobile mirror function to map the functions of the mobile phone, and at this point, the mobile navigation can be connected to the car screen.