Bijie screen projection SDK scheme is a complete application development kit, which supports multiple wireless transmission protocols such as miracast, airplay, widi, DLNA and bjcast (independently developed), and supports two wireless screen projection display modes of single channel and multi-channel, covering Android, IOS, windows and other multi-system platforms. Based on this SDK, users can develop customized applications suitable for the needs of different industries, providing industry users with richer multi screen interactive application scenarios. The SDK of “spekd GFLs” and “spmpv” can be used by developers of “spekds” and “spflv” to stream video to Android devices, and can be easily used by developers of “spekds” and “spflv” to stream video to Android devices. Comparative analysis of


features Bijie screen projection SDK; music broadcast screen projection SDK protocol supports miracast, airplay, widi, DLNA, bjcast (private) airplay, lelian (private), DLNA screen projection content image, video, picture, sound image, video, picture, sound product positioning, business, education, finance, advertising and other industries; family, game Personal receiving end supports platforms Linux, Android and windows , Android transmitting end supports platforms Android, IOS, MAC, windows, Linux , Android and windows, with 4 split screens displayed at the same time , 1-way display of

. Through comparison, it is not difficult to find that there are essential differences in product positioning between Bijie and music broadcast. Bijie focuses more on commercial and industrial applications and supports more platform compatibility, 4. The split screen display mode is also more in line with the use requirements of commercial users; The latter focuses on cultivating families and games, and focuses on video playback and entertainment.


have certain advantages in the comprehensiveness of protocol support and the richness of screen projection functions. In terms of entertainment applications, the webcast projection screen provides richer use scenarios.

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