, we introduced how to cast the screen of mobile phone on TV. In fact, it is also very convenient to use the screen of computer, which is also wired and wireless. Wired connection need not be introduced too much. Just select the corresponding connection line according to the computer and TV interface. This article mainly tells you how to cast the screen wirelessly.

1. Windows computer

1.1 DLNA projection

if you use win10 system, due to the built-in DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), this is a set of protocol initiated by Sony, Intel and Microsoft to solve the interconnection between computers, mobile devices and consumer appliances. With it, it is very easy to projection to TV. Of course, the premise is that TV also supports DLNA, And they are in the same WiFi network environment.

right click to select the model of TV in “play to device”. The

can also be projected in the “movie and TV” player of win10. Take the video file as an example, right click to open “play to device”, and the model ID of TV will appear. Click to complete the operation. In addition, after using the built-in player to open the video, it will also appear “project to the device”, and the operation is very simple.

DLNA projection can also be realized through Xunlei video player.

doesn’t matter if it’s not win10 system. Some players also support DLNA, such as Xunlei video and audio. Right click on the playback interface to display “DLNA / widi playback device selection”. After clicking, the model ID of TV will also appear, and then click “connect”.