Tencent conference supports the wireless screen projection function, which can be projected to the TV or computer to enlarge the screen, and the method is very simple. Just turn on the wireless screen projection function in the setting. How to screen


Tencent conference method 1:

1. First open the “Tencent conference” app on the mobile phone.

2. After opening, click “personal Avatar”

3 in the upper left corner, then find and open “Settings”

4 under the list, and then open the “enable wireless projection” function.

5. Finally, according to the prompts below, enter the screen projection code on rooms to cast the screen.

6. After opening, we download a “Tencent conference rooms” software on the computer.

7. After downloading, open it and click the “wireless projection” function.

8. Then a projection code will be displayed.

9. Finally, open Tencent conference, click “wireless screen projection” and enter the screen projection code to complete the screen projection.

method 2:

1. If you want to cast the screen to a non rooms device, you need to turn on the screen sharing on the mobile phone.