Mobile screen projection -5 methods to directly project the phone’s image onto the TV

In our daily lives, we often encounter scenes that make us want to share photos, videos, documents, and other content from our phones with our friends around us. However, in terms of experience, the small screen of a mobile phone is definitely not satisfactory. I believe many people will think, is there any way to directly project the images on our phones onto the TV screen?

Today, I will introduce 5 methods of screen mirroring on mobile phones. Make good use of these methods, as they are absolutely helpful for your work and life.

●The screen projection method for Apple phones

For Apple phone users, there are currently two commonly used screen mirroring methods:


Using AirPlay for wireless screen mirroring is obviously the most convenient. To ensure that the phone and monitor are on the same WiFi condition, we just need to call up the Apple phone’s control center, click on the AirPlay option, and then select the device to connect and complete the screen projection.

It is worth noting that on the upcoming iOS 11, AirPlay will have a more user-friendly new name – Screen Mirror, with roughly the same usage and location. However, wireless screen mirroring also has drawbacks, such as latency, average stability, and the possibility of encountering mismatches.


So, if you need a more stable screen casting method, you can try wired screen casting. However, compared to wireless screen mirroring, the cost of wired screen mirroring may be higher and a separate adapter cable needs to be purchased.

●Android phones

Similar to the iPhone, Android phones also have two screen projection methods.

1.wireless display

Android phones also support wireless screen mirroring function. Generally speaking, regardless of the brand of phone, while ensuring that the phone and display are under the same WiFi conditions, in Settings – Network and Connection, click on more connection methods to see the wireless display options, and then click to match.

2.MHL wired connection

Of course, there are also Android phones that support wired connection. MHL wired connection is actually the name of the HDMI mobile version. However, since Android 4.4, there have been fewer and fewer phones that support this feature, and it is even difficult to find a phone that supports MHL projection.

●Software screen projection

Of course, in addition to using the built-in and wired projection of the mobile phone system, we can also choose to use some software to achieve the projection function, such as Bijie projection. Many video software also supports screen mirroring function, which can be achieved by clicking the mirroring button on the playback page.