Smart Glasses – AR/VR Smart Glasses Wireless Projection Solution Developed by Bijie

With the arrival of the 5G era, XR technology has become more mature, and VR/AR smart glasses have entered the sight of more people. In the process of use, the Bijie team has paid attention to many needs for smart glasses screen projection. Bijie’s AR/VR smart glasses wireless screen projection solution can easily achieve the interconnection of VR/AR glasses with mobile phones and PCs.

AR glasses only have display function and no audio and video processing function. This problem can be solved by installing a dedicated external projector (Type-C interface). After connecting the AR smart glasses to the projector, you can wirelessly project the AR smart glasses onto Apple, Android smartphones, tablets, and PC computers. The solution can also integrate a USB wired screen projection solution, and the phone can be directly connected with a data cable to mirror the screen projection display.

VR glasses generally come with processing chips and operating systems, and can be directly integrated with the Bijie Wireless Projection SDK on the hardware motherboard. Apple’s Android full range of phones/tablets can easily connect VR glasses, allowing VR glasses to access more content sources.


By using VR/AR glasses, you have a portable giant screen, and with the help of Bijie AR/VR smart glasses wireless projection solution, you can easily project movies, music, games, and more from your phone and PC wirelessly to the smart glasses, providing you with a better viewing experience and a more immersive gaming experience.

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