1 Solution Overview

The multi-screen interactive solution for education in the field launched by Bijie Networks fully considers the demands of teachers and students in protocol support and functional design, and is compatible with Airplay, Miracast, WiDi, ChromeCast and BJCast (self-developed) projection protocols. Teachers And students can quickly cast the screen of a mobile phone or PC to the large-screen display device wirelessly.

smart classroom

  • Smart Classroom mode
  • Teaching Mode

The teacher projection the screen of his computer or mobile phone to the master screen of the classroom, and all the group screens see the same content

  • Group discussion mode

Students divide into groups and discuss each other separately. Students projection the screen contents of their mobile phones or computers onto their group screens.

  • Teacher comment mode

Teachers can present excellent group discussion content on the master screen of the classroom, make some annotations and share

  • BiJie Solution

BiJie’s wireless projection solution adopts the public cloud and private cloud deployment solutions of “BiJie Meeting Box” + “Cloud Management Platform” + “Service Customization”, and tailors the exclusive solution according to the actual situation of the classroom.

  • Support for native function projection such as Miracast, WIDI, Airplay,Google Cast (no need to install APP)
  • Support sender app which can run on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows smart terminal wireless projection (provide APP)
  • BiJie meeting box supports wireless/wired access, supports boot screen customization; provides mobile phone scan QR code/PIN/discover projection screen;
  • The BiJie meeting box supports cloud management functions, which can be unified management, configuration, data statistics, and can privatized deployment;
  • Support multi-box interaction, reverse control and labeling
  • Provides a development of wireless projection sender SDK for integration, the Sender SDK is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows system;
  • Provides development of wireless projection receiving SDK for user integration, users can develop their own interface, projection strategy, meeting management, screen code management and other functions based on BiJie meeting box
  • Provides a development of the box management interface, based on this interface, users can develop their own operation and maintenance management platform for remote unified management of hardware boxes

2 Solution Application

  • Large enterprise group wireless office meeting room
  • Smart Park Smart Meeting Room
  • Smart education multi-screen interaction

3 Solution Introduction

3.1 Function Introduction

Terminal support: In the meeting, mobile phones, Pads, and PCs can directly display the screen to the big screen through wireless/wired mode without wired connection; compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac systems;

Scan QR code wireless screen: the mobile phone installs the wireless projection screen APP, and opens the APP scan QR code function, which can directly display the screen to the display device without complicated operations;

PIN wireless screen: PC/mobile phone directly inputs the short code(such as 4 number)displayed by the BiJie meeting box, and can directly mirror to the current big screen;

Native Airplay, Miracast,WiDi,GoogleCast: Supports the original Airplay and Miracast and WiDi and Google Cast projection functions of the smart terminal without installing any software;

Multi-Box interactive: Support interaction between boxes, screen content can be shared, broadcast, etc.

Platform management: The platform can manage all the  boxes registered in the network. The meeting information is collected in real time. The management system can be privatized deployment.

Projection FeaturesprotocolsAirplay:support iPhone/iPad/mac, no need to install app
Miracast::support Android Phone/Pad, no need to install app
WiDi: support win8/win10, no need to install app
Google Cast: support Android Phone/Pad, support chrome, no need to install app
BJCast: developed by BiJie, support Android/iOS/MacOS/Windows, need to install sender app developed by BiJie
USB Tansmitter: developed by BiJie, support MacOS/Windows
controlSupport Mouse and touch screen
Support mouse, touch screen control multi-screen full screen, zoom out, mute, kick out and other operations
Support reverse control to projection devices
InteractiveSupport interaction between boxes, screen content can be shared, broadcast, etc.
Electronic whiteboardSupport electronic whiteboard and markup (use mouse or touch screen operation)
Support systemSupport Android、iOSMacWindows
Number of displays4
Short codeQR code
Short code which is 4-9 bit number
AudioAudiovisual synchronization
VideoSupport 4K@30fps
stabilityProjection for 10+ hours, poweron for 300+ days
Boot time< 30s
Projection delay< 300ms
Unified Management Service PlatformdeployPrivate for deploy
ManageSupport configuration of homepage background image and QR code for all boxes, and take effect in real time after configuration
Supports configuration management of all boxes, including name settings, network configuration, grouping, etc.
Support box maintenance, including upgrade, restart, log acquisition, etc.

Support to view the status of all boxes:

1.IP address, MAC, authorization status, online time, screen time, sender type, etc.

2.Support all box status statistics and report export

Short Code & QR CodeGenerate globally unique projection short code and QR code, which are bound to the device name and IP address one by one
SDKManagement intefaceTCP+JSON
Name configuration, networks configuration,etc
State of box
Sender SDKProvide sender sdk run on Windows、MacOSAndroid 5.0+iOS
Receiver SDKProvides a receiver SDK based on the meeting box
Receiver SDK available on Windows, Android, Linux platforms
Support airplay/miracast/widi/bjcast/google cast

3.2 Product Description

3.2.1 BiJie Meeting Box

Screen ModeAirplay protocol: Supports the Airplay function of the iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) system, no need to install any software
Miracast protocol: Supports the wireless projection function that comes with the Android device (mobile phone, Pad) system, without installing any software.
WiDi protocol: support the wireless screencasting function of the Windows8/10 computer, no need to install any software
Google Cast

Client projection screen protocol:

support Windows computer to install wireless client screen by wireless client screen;

support Android device customs clearance installation APP mode for wireless screen;

Support iOS device install APP for wireless screen

Support MacOS device install APP for wireless screen

Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS devices for wireless projection, no need to screen settings and switch when casting
Support multi-channel wireless display on the same screen4
Wireless screen delay ≤300ms
WIFI host AP
Operator SystemAndroid
Wireless Screen Distance30m
HDMI 4K out1
Audio out1
USB interface2
SDK Supply

3.2.2 BiJie Wireless Screen SDK

BiJie Networks offers the industry’s most comprehensive wireless screen SDK solution for enterprise user integration and customization needs and services.

  • Sender SDK
  • Supply Windows、MacOS、Android 5.0+、iOS SDK
  • With acquisition sound (Android does not have), encoding, network transmission function
  • With acquisition screen, hard coding, network transmission function
  • Windows, MacOS platform can provide C / C + + interface or node.js interface
  • Android platform can provide C / C + + interface or aar mode interface
  • iOS provides C / C + + interface
  • Provide easy integration interface, integration cycle 1-2 weeks
  • Receiver SDK
  • Provide a receiver SDK based on the BiJie Meeting Box
  • Receiver SDK based on Windows, Android, and Linux platforms is also available.
  • Support Airplay receiver, Miracast receiver
  • Support BJCast receiver (corresponding to Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS Sender APP)
  • Support simultaneous receiver and display multiple transmitter screens
  • Provides a simple interface with an integration cycle of 1-2 weeks
  • Users can flexibly implement functions that cannot be used: such as multi-screen display, picture-in-picture display, active kicking, meeting management, etc.
  • Box Management Interface
  • Provide TCP+JSON/SNMP interface
  • Provide host name configuration
  • Provide host wired network, wireless network configuration
  • Provide host status interface
  • Provide host version upgrade interface
  • Users can implement their own box management platform based on this and integrate into their own operation and maintenance platform.

3.2.3 Unified Management Service Platform

  • Deployable for privatization, or use BiJie public server
  • Configuration management with BiJie meeting box
  • Name configure
  • Network configure
  • Upgrade configure
  • Advance configure
  • State management with BiJie meeting box
  • On/off state
  • Screening state
  • Data board
  • With screencasting code, QR code management, etc.
  • Generate global unique cast screen code
  • Screening code is bound to device name and IP address one by one

3.3 Cases

3.3.1 JD.com(China’s Amazon, Nasdaq:JD) Seagull Intelligent Meeting Room System

JD.com’s 1000 meeting rooms in the country are unified and collected, and BiJie is customizing its hardware box and software system.

3.3.2 YunNan University

Hundreds of classrooms at Yunnan University gradually deploy our BJ72 products to form smart interactive classrooms


3.3.3 Accenture Smart Meeting Room System

BiJie Networks provides wireless projection boxes and custom development software systems for hundreds of Accenture meeting rooms

3.3.4 58(NYSE:WUBA) Smart Meeting Room

WUBA 2000 smart meeting room is using our solutions

3.4 Other Cases

4 About BiJie

Suzhou BiJie Networks Co., Ltd.(from China Mainland) is a multimedia service solution provider with integrated communication technology and cloud video technology, and won the “Suzhou Xiangcheng Leading Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise”, Double soft enterprise” and other titles.

BiJie Networks has been cultivating wireless projection technology for 6 years, and all related technologies have been patented, soft and protected.

BiJie is committed to providing leading wireless image transmission algorithms and efficient office solutions to industry users worldwide, and to build an interconnected intelligent office network system. The wireless image transmission technology, media fusion processing technology and high-efficiency office intelligent products developed by BiJie Networks maintain a leading position in many vertical fields, covering finance, education, logistics, industry, security, real estate, retail, advertising and other industries. At present, BiJie Networks has established cooperation with hundreds of well-known companies and institutions at home and abroad, including Haier Group, Jingdong Group, MCC, Accenture, Nokia Bell, Osram, Huawei Hisilicon and many other industry-level head enterprises.

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