with the rapid development of Internet of things technology, the society puts forward the requirements of green, efficient, intelligent and environmental protection for the modern office environment.

when designing the office environment and using office equipment, modern professionals should pay attention to carefully designing the office environment, intelligently managing the office space and making the office environment full of wisdom. In the era of


intelligent office space brings us new thinking. Intelligent office space is an efficient office space integrating office automation. It promotes people to obtain more information in a more comfortable and convenient environment. This new office mode will bring us greater economic benefits.


facing the increasingly competitive information society, there is no doubt that the development of intelligent office space will be the inevitable trend of the development of the whole office space design form.

first of all, vigorously developing intelligent office space design has great historical and contemporary significance. According to the historical development process, there has been a relatively simple basic form of office space since the form of tribal group living has been formed in human society. From the market of primitive tribes to the business houses of feudal society, the shadow of office space has emerged in the conference hall.

secondly, the application of intelligent office space also plays an important role in our healthy life. According to the analysis, more than 30% of the world’s “office workers” often have headache, fatigue, dizziness and fatigue at work, and even show many difficult diseases, such as arrhythmia, heart disease, neurological disorder and other symptoms, according to the German Bild Sunday, About 1.6 million office workers in Germany suffer from a disease they don’t like. German scientists call this kind of symptom “Monday disease”. The World Health Organization (who) calls him “building syndrome”, that is, the “office syndrome” we often hear.

finally, intelligent office space design has far-reaching significance for the development of many associated product markets. Based on the idea of intelligent office, a large number of enterprises producing and developing intelligent office equipment have emerged in the world. These enterprises take the production of intelligent office equipment as their main business projects. Therefore, vigorously developing intelligent office space design has provided a lot of economic benefits to some associated industries, At the same time, it can also drive the development of related industries.