Wireless projection is moving towards wireless and more efficient conference room solutions. Traditional conference rooms are often difficult to meet the needs of modern enterprises. The work report of more than 3 people will face multiple switching and debugging. The wiring stack in front of the conference table is disordered, and a lot of time is spent on interface connection and terminal switching. After a meeting, it takes a long time and makes people dizzy. A cloud and fog not only failed to achieve the expected results, but also consumed the energy of the participants and tested the patience of the participants.

today, I want to put forward three good reasons for moving towards wireless and more efficient conference room technology.

reason 1: throw away the annoying cable

a traditional conference room, even if there is only one projector, there will be various adapter lines. They are: 1 VGA connection line, 1 HDMI to VGA line, 1 DP to VGA line, 1 minidp to VGA line, n transmission adapter lines of Apple phone, type-C of Android, and micro USB connection line to HDMI. Depending on the size of these lines, you may need a 24 inch box to store them.


generally, our display devices and wireless projection boxes are connected through HDMI cable or VGA cable, but they are fixed together. After one connection, they don’t have to care, do they?

through wireless projection, you can remove all video cables and wirelessly connect the device to the large display screen, which is very effective, right?

reason 2: let everyone use their favorite devices

not every industry is like programmers. Notebooks are people who eat. Since mobile phones, tablets and other mobile terminal devices have been added to public devices, wireless screen projection has become more popular. As a true cross platform device, wireless projector provides convenience for all speakers. No matter they use windows or Mac laptop, Android or iPhone, they can quickly share and demonstrate from small screen to large screen.

reason 3: let everyone participate in order to achieve more efficient work

many company meetings are that leaders unilaterally give “political lessons” to employees. From beginning to end, they are tied on the stage “balabalabala…”, and employees are buried in their heads and writing hard, Open the political class mode for you every minute… The wireless projection of


comes with [one key remark] and [one key clear], so that the conference personnel do not have the pressure to take notes. During the conference, the participants are thinking according to the speaker, and those with different views can speak actively. This is the conference atmosphere we need.