Wireless screen mirroring – What should I do if my computer does not support wireless screen mirroring? How to solve the problem of Miracast screen mirroring when the computer cannot be used?

If you want your computer to support Miracast, you need to ensure that your computer system is above Win8. If your computer system is below Win8, how can you upgrade to support Miracast? Today, I will introduce to you the specific solutions for computers or mobile devices not supporting Miracast.

  1. Open the computer, enter the desktop, click on the start icon in the bottom left corner, and select the “Control Panel” option from the open menu.
  2. On the open control panel page, click on “System and Security” – “Check for Updates” option in sequence
  3. In the pop-up window, click the “Check for Updates” button.
  4. After clicking, the system will automatically download and update, waiting for the computer to update
  5. After the update, press the “win”+”R” combination keys on the keyboard to bring up the running window. In the window, enter the command shown in the figure below and click “OK”.
  6. In the open window, click on “Save All Information” in the bottom right corner, and then select the save location.
  7. Next, find the txt file in the save location, open it, then find “Miracast”, open it, and on the open Notepad page, as shown in the image, if it shows “not”, it means it is not supported, otherwise it means it is supported.
  8. The above is the specific solution for computers or mobile devices not supporting Miracast.