Bijie Internet, as a solution expert of smart office system, has the following advantages in explaining the functions of smart office system:

in terms of regional management and control of the company:

1. Detect the current use of shared areas such as conference rooms, release free resources in time and improve the use efficiency of conference rooms;

2. Automatically turn on or off the conference mode and adjust the working state of lighting, air conditioning and projection;

3. The conference room can enter the specified mode with one key;

4. Automatically detect the safety of the conference room; Automatically notify the administrator of abnormal conditions, and automatically open doors and windows when necessary to facilitate personnel evacuation;


5. How can such advantages be achieved by setting regular tasks, energy conservation and environmental protection and rational use of


smart office systems such as Bijie Internet?


have the following advantages:


1, and advanced technology. Since the establishment of Huawei’s patented technology, it has become more professional and reliable in audio and video processing;

2. Comprehensive scheme. The integrated solution integrating sensing, security, data acquisition and business application makes Bijie Internet smart office system healthy, safe and worry-free;

3. Product scalability. Bijie Internet smart office system has strong expansibility and compatibility, so that every investment you make will never be wasted;

4. Forward looking enterprises. Smart office and professional Internet of things solutions, along with the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from traditional to intelligent, realize enterprise science and technology, long-term and future.


are the charm of Bijie Internet smart office system solutions, which help enterprises grow and make common progress with users. You need to learn more about Bijie Internet smart office solutions. Welcome to the official website of Bijie network.