Compared with the traditional on-the-spot teaching, online courses have many incomparable advantages. As long as you have a suitable device and network, you can break the time and geographical restrictions, choose famous teachers anytime and anywhere, and watch the key and difficult points repeatedly until you learn to do it.

Although online courses have many advantages, they are generally viewed through mobile devices such as mobile phones and computers, with small screen and close distance, which is easy to induce vision diseases; moreover, they have poor sense of presence, and it is boring to have no company. Using BiJie wireless display to project these learning contents on TV and accompany children to study together can not only establish a close relationship with children, but also avoid the problem of boring and inefficient learning for children alone.

Using Bijie wireless display can not only achieve better large screen viewing effect, but also enable parents to carry out part of learning interaction in online education, and make it more convenient for children to take learning notes. Learning to project to the big screen can bring children a great sense of bringing in and better integrate into the learning atmosphere. Parents don’t have to worry about the “harm” caused by their children’s long-term close gaze at their mobile phones.

The addition of large screen can also make more children learn synchronously. In this “on-the-spot” environment, children’s learning competitiveness and interactivity are improved significantly. Moreover, parents can download educational apps or educational resources on their mobile phones, and then put them on the big TV screen. In the future, parents will no longer have to worry about the lack of online educational resources.