Advantages of Wireless Conferencing BYOD Function

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) refers to bringing your own devices for office work, including mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, etc.BYOD is a corporate or school policy that allows employees or students to use their personal electronic devices to complete work or learning tasks.The reason for this policy is usually due to the consideration of reducing equipment purchase and maintenance costs, as well as improving employee work efficiency and flexibility.BYOD is more like an innovation in corporate office models triggered by employees’ personal usage habits, thanks to the increasingly powerful computing power of intelligent terminals, the gradual improvement of touch experience, and the rapid popularization of mobile internet.The emergence of BYOD marks the arrival of the era of personalized mobile office.

The advantages of BYOD function include:

1. Improve employee satisfaction: Employees can use devices they are familiar with and love to complete work tasks, customize settings and applications based on personal preferences. This flexibility and personalization can improve employee satisfaction, make them more willing to work, and improve work efficiency.

2. Mature security strategy: The BYOD solution is based on the AnyOffice mobile office platform, which can widely access various intelligent terminals and ensure user access security through strong authentication.In addition, Bijie also provides a secure SDK, providing a secure environment to integrate with partners’ business.Therefore, the mobile office security solution under BYOD mode can help enterprises improve their work efficiency by 40%.

3. Open and easy to integrate: Bijie has its own terminals, supports third-party terminals, and can also support OS and Android systems, including Windows systems.In addition, Bijie also provides a secure SDK, providing a secure environment to integrate with partners’ business.

4. End-to-end security: End-to-end security refers to the control of terminal security, network policies, network applications, and control. In BYOD mode, end-to-end security is better guaranteed.

In summary, BYOD can improve employee satisfaction, ensure security, and reduce equipment and network management costs.