AirPlay is a wireless media streaming technology developed by Apple

AirPlay is a wireless media streaming technology developed by Apple. It allows users to send music, photos, videos, podcasts and other multimedia content between Apple devices. For example, you can stream video from a MacBook to an Apple TV via AirPlay.

AirPlay was released by Apple in 2004. It can easily exchange audio without using any wired technology between the two devices. Formerly known as AirTunes, it was later renamed AirPlay. It’s all about wireless data streaming, as one can easily understand by the word “air.” A few common examples are — iTunes, iPad, iPod, etc.

Yes if the device can play songs from other devices. AirPlay makes it all possible with its technology. With AirPlay, you can easily send music from one device and then play it on another.

Perhaps in addition to this feature, it can also help users run other media devices. If you want to add more volume to your device through AirPlay, you can easily do so. It also has many other advantages. Although other media such as photos, videos and other apps can be easily shared between devices, AirPlay is mainly used only for audio and music.

Using AirPlay, you can easily run your application on another device. To do so, they need to open the video in iTunes and click the AirPlay button. This way, all other devices will display. Click on whatever device you want to view your application on. It may require input code. After entering the code, your application will launch on your preferred device. Enjoy!