Android phone to achieve the “small screen to large screen” method principle

I was watching A Touchy-Feely movie, and I was annoyed by the small screen. I wanted my android phone to project onto the large display.

First of all, two devices (one is an android phone, the other is a Bijie box) are connected to the same LAN (assuming the connection is wifi), my Bijie box will tell the wifi its description information, android phone began to discover the device, then found my Mi box.

Then I clicked “Touchy-Fey Everyday” to project it to the monitor. First of all, the box should support the projection screen, and the android phone can control the video playback through the control point. (Video transmission, you can direct video streaming. But that’s not how it works in reality. Since the phone screen is small and the monitor screen is large, the monitor needs a clearer resolution, so the playback source is different from that on the phone, so just change the source url to a clearer one.)

Device discovery:
For android device projection, the android device must first find all the devices that support the screen projection. The process of finding the device is device discovery.
Equipment control:
For example, when an android device plays a video on the display, the device plays, pauses, and drags the video on the display. These operations are called device control.
Device events:
For example, android devices need to know the presence of screen support devices in the LAN at any time. When a new device appears, android devices will be notified. In order to achieve this, android devices need to subscribe to this event, which is called device event.