Android Screen Projection Mac What software supports Android screen projection Mac

There are times when the constant switching back and forth between your phone and the computer can be exhausting, with work still unfinished on the computer and important reminders from colleagues constantly ringing in your phone. In this case, there’s actually a better way to deal with the dilemma — just throw the screen of your phone onto your computer to manage both devices at once.

The following Xiaobian for you to introduce several support Android screen Mac software, tell you how to Android screen Mac, hope to bring some convenience to your work and life.


ApowerMirror is a very comprehensive screen projection software that supports Android screen projection for Mac, showing a variety of content on your Android device on a larger screen.

In addition, ApowerMirror offers a wide variety of tools to meet the needs of gamers, video tutorial makers and teachers. ApowerMirror comes with screenshot and recording functions, which can help you record video tutorials or share your wonderful actions in time. Whiteboard features can help you annotate or doodle; When you are busy dealing with the work on the computer and have no time to pay attention to the messages in the phone, open the notification access permission of the application, you can receive notifications from the phone APP on the computer side, and use the computer keyboard to reply.

The steps to use ApowerMirror are simple: First, download and install the desktop version of ApowerMirror on your Mac.

Search for and install ApowerMirror in the App store on your phone.

Once installed, open the mobile and desktop apps and connect your phone to your Mac with a cable. Enable USB debug mode, tap “Start Now” when prompted, and your phone will display on your Mac.


Android Projection Mac: Another app for Android projection Macs is called AirDroid. Most people probably know this software for its easy file transfer, but AirDroid has a lot of other features, and the screen is one of them.

The AirDroid connection is as simple as logging into the same account on both the PC and the phone, and you can display the screen from the phone to the computer.

Like ApowerMirror, it also has recording and screenshot capabilities. But unlike the ApowerMirror, AirDroid has one special feature: it can control the phone’s camera from the PC side.

Also, AirDroid doesn’t support custom buttons, so it doesn’t have the same support for games as ApowerMirror.

To use AirDroid to display a Mac on an Android phone, there are a few steps: After downloading and installing AirDroid from the App store, log into your AirDroid account.

Once you’ve installed AirDroid on your Mac, log into the same account as on your phone. Connect your phone to the same wireless network as your computer.

After the connection is complete, select AirMirror on the left side of the program and click Observe mode. When the prompt pops up on the mobile terminal, click “Start Now” to project the mobile screen to the Mac.

In addition, the Remote camera feature can open the phone’s camera on the computer in any situation, even if the phone is on the lock screen; “Remote input method” function can use the computer keyboard to enter text in the mobile terminal; AirMirror requires a USB cable to connect your computer to your phone. Once connected, you can control your phone simply by using a mouse and keyboard.

Even more of AirDroid’s screen-projection features are available when you root your Android phone.