App projection, how mobile app can be wirelessly projected to TV,

today will introduce to you how app that does not support projection function can project mobile content on TV.

hardware preparation: a Bijie multi screen cooperative projection device, a smart device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer), a TV and an HDMI cable are required.


because most online education apps do not have screen projection function, we need to use Bijie multi screen collaborative screen projection to mirror the screens of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers on the TV for users to use in online classes.

notebook, computer online course content projection TV

1. Connect the receiver box of the projector to the TV through HDMI cable;

2. Insert the USB button into the notebook and computer, and then press the button to mirror the screen content on the TV.

3. Then start the online class app.

mobile phone, flat-panel online course content projection TV

1. Connect the receiving end box of the projector with the TV through HDMI cable;

2. WiFi of wireless projector connected to mobile phone and tablet; If you have a network cable at home, you can plug the wireless screen projector into the Internet cable, and the mobile phone is connected to the WiFi of the router to ensure that the screen projector and the mobile phone are in the same LAN;

3. Android phones and tablets download Bijie screen projection software (or directly enable the screen projection function of the device) as the sender, then start the screen projection software, connect the wireless screen projector, and then the screens of mobile phones and tablets will be displayed on the TV synchronously..

4. Slide the bottom of the Apple phone’s main interface up – screen image – wireless projector ID – mirror the phone screen to the TV.

5. Open the online education app.

advantages of using wireless projector

1. The connection is simple and can be completed within 1 minute to help students save time;

2. There is no restriction on the content of projection. The screens of mobile phones, tablets and televisions are displayed synchronously. Even online education apps without projection function can be synchronized to the large screen.

3. Get rid of the shackles of the network. Bijie’s multi screen cooperative projection equipment has its own AP hotspot.