Apple mobile phone image projection screen has been turning circle how to solve?
Wireless network to solve the mirror screen rotation

1. Click WLAN

Go to the Settings screen of your iPhone, find the wireless LAN in the Settings screen and click.

2. Point wireless LAN cellular network

After switching to the WLAN page, pull up and swipe to find the APP that uses WLAN and cellular.

3. View the screen image

Then return to the Control Center page, so that the image screen you see does not keep rotating.

Restore the network to solve the image casting circle

1. Click General

Go to the Settings screen of iPhone, find the general options in the Settings screen and click to enter.

2. Find the transfer or restore iPhone

Switch to the next new page, swipe the screen and tap Transfer or Restore iPhone at the bottom.

3. Click Restore

After flipping to Transfer or Restore iPhone, find Restore at the bottom of the page and click.

4. Click Restore Network Settings

In the displayed dialog box, find restore network Settings to solve the problem that the image screen keeps turning.