Apple phone Airplay projection function screen projection smart TV specific steps


Wireless screen projection: smart TV (ordinary TV + network box or wireless same screen device), TV and mobile phone in the same WiFi;

Wired projection: Requires a lightning cable, not a smart TV.

Wireless projection screen

The wireless screen projection protocol that Apple uses is AirPlay, which is built into most smart TVS and Internet boxes.

Screen projection Mode 1: Direct screen projection

Step 1: Open the screen projection function of smart TV or network box. Some of them are opened by default upon startup. Some need to find the relevant APP and open it manually. When the screen projection function is enabled, a wireless display of the connection name is broadcast.

Step 2: When playing videos on mobile phones, the video playing interface of many video software (Youku, Tencent, iQiyi, Baidu Webdisk, etc.) has a floating window of TV. You can search the display name of TV by clicking it, and then you can realize the screen projection by connecting.

Screen Projection Mode 2: screen image mode

Step 1: Open the screen projection APP of smart TV or network box;

Step 2: Swipe the iPhone from the bottom up to open the “Control Center”, click the screen image, you can search for the wireless display name under the same WiFi, click connect, you can realize the screen image function.

Wired projection screen

lighting cable is needed for cable projection screen, HDMI display interface can be supported on TV, no need for smart TV;

How to connect: The HDMI port of lightning cable is connected to the TV, and the data cable is connected to the mobile phone. At the same time, the charger is needed for power supply.