AR-The difference between AR and VR

The difference and purpose of AR and VR:1. The meanings of AR and VR are different;2. The difference in appearance between AR and VR;3. The visual effects of AR and VR are different.

AR technology is not only applied in fields similar to VR technology,the research and development of cutting-edge weapons, aircraft, visualization of data models, virtual training, entertainment, and art have a wide range of applications,and due to its ability to enhance the display output of the real environment,it has more obvious advantages than VR technology in medical research and anatomical training, precision instrument manufacturing and maintenance, military aircraft navigation, engineering design, Telerobotics control and other fields.

1.The meanings of AR and VR are different

AR (Augmented Reality), as the name suggests, enhances the visual experience of the real world through devices. Users are in the real world, and the observed content is superimposed on the real world.

VR (Virtual Reality), also known as virtual reality, was proposed by the founder of VPL Company in the early 1980s.The specific connotation is: comprehensive use of Computer graphics system and various display and control interface devices to provide immersive feeling technology in the interactive three-dimensional environment generated on the computer.

2.The difference in appearance between AR and VR

The current VR devices are usually “bulky” and have the following characteristics: they need to be covered on the head like a helmet; Fully enclosed, with rubber or sponge products in contact with the face to tightly fit the face and equipment to prevent light leakage; Eye lenses are usually circular convex lenses.AR devices are relatively “lightweight” and are usually presented in the form of glasses.

3.The visual effects of AR and VR are different

AR users are in the real world, and the observed content is superimposed on the real world.The VR virtual reality scene is interactive rather than unidirectional, and the visual effect is 3D, but it is not the same concept as 3D movies. The immersion of VR makes it difficult to distinguish between virtual and reality.

Application of AR and VR

From the spectrum between virtual reality (creating immersive, computer-generated environments) and the real world, augmented reality is closer to the real world.Augmented reality adds images, sounds, tactile sensations, and odors to the natural world in their existing forms.It can be foreseen that video games will drive the development of augmented reality, but this technology will not be limited to this, but will have countless applications.Everyone from travel groups to the military can use this technology to place computer-generated images within their field of view and benefit from it.