Benefits of a smart office solution

The smart office is far from a one-trick pony. Quite contrarily, moving to a smarter office will have a positive impact on several different areas of the organization in various ways.

Boost productivity

One of the most popular reasons for implementing a smart office solution is to improve the productivity of the organization. It’s really quite simple: for example, by making it easier to carry out menial tasks like finding and booking meeting rooms, less time and frustration is spent on non-work.

According to our research, 39% of office workers spend as much as 60 minutes every week searching for available desks, conference rooms, or colleagues. In a large office, and over time, just this issue can accumulate to large resources being wasted. Hours that could have been put to better use: more time for meaningful work, or simply giving the time back to employees for a less stressful day.

Improve collaboration

In today’s knowledge economy, collaboration is of ever increasing importance. When people and ideas interact, new ideas are formed. Collaboration provides a fertile ground for innovation.

Smart office solutions like Senion at Work makes it easier for employees to meet up and find space for impromptu meetings. An organization where collaboration is encouraged is more likely to tap into the creativity and ingenuity of its workforce.

Attract and retain employees

With the ubiquity of smartphones and computers, professionals today expect a lot more from their workplace than before. Today’s workforce is used to working with the latest tech and tools to get work done and this doesn’t stop when they walk in through the office doors.

A situation where employees feel bogged down in a 20th century workplace with pre-historic ways of doing things is a sure way to scare away new recruits and current staff. By providing modern smart office solutions, companies can provide an employee experience that helps attract and retain employees.

BiJie enterprise meeting room wireless display solution is based on the enterprise level conference scene, which can realize the wireless display and screen sharing of mobile phones and computers, so that users can avoid the tedious wiring operation during the meeting, at the same time, the system supports docking and integration with the third-party intelligent office system to provide customers with more intelligent and convenient office services and improve work efficiency.



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