Better than mobile phone small screen audiovisual experience, mobile phone wireless projection screen Hisense TV?

People are used to watching TV series on mobile phones, but the 6-inch mobile phone will make their eyes tired after watching it for a long time. Limited by the screen size, they can’t see the details of the movie clearly. It is difficult to experience the special effects of the movie on the small screen, but the bigger screen has stronger sense of presence and more shocking vision.

The first thing you should do when connecting to your TV, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone, is make sure your phone is connected to the same WIFI as your TV

  1. IPhone Connection Method:

Use your iPhone to swipe up to call out the multitasking bar and click “Screen Mirror”, select your Hisense TV to find the TV, and click to connect the screen projection function. It syncs up what’s on your phone’s screen and the content on your phone’s screen is projected onto your TV

  1. Android phone connection method:

First, make sure your phone is connected to the same WIFI network as your TV. Open Hisense TV, find “App” in the menu bar, click “My App”, select “Hi Screen”, and then select “Android Phone”.

You can see that different brands of mobile phones have different connection methods. You can connect your mobile phone to the TV according to your mobile phone brand according to the prompts. After successful connection, you can also play mobile phone photos and videos on the TV.

The push function of Hisense Jugood-looking app is smooth, and you can push the movie content found on your mobile phone directly to your TV with just one button. You can watch whatever you want, no more pressing the remote control. Photos, videos and songs can be pushed to the TV through the “mobile screen” function in the app.